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RR Fast and Furious: DOJ Wants Executive Privilege Lawsuit Dropped

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  • Rich Martin
      Fast and Furious: DOJ Wants Executive Privilege Lawsuit Dropped (to protect the guilty) Katie Pavlich|Oct 16, 2012
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2013
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      Fast and Furious:
      DOJ Wants Executive Privilege
      Lawsuit Dropped
      (to protect the guilty)

      Katie Pavlich | Oct 16, 2012

      This Oscandal, like so many others, is unresolved.
      The perps have not been identified.
      The courts are complicit in the cover up.
      2 Fedl agents and hundreds of Mexicans

      were killed with these guns.
      The MSM couldn't care less.
      Rich Martin



      (Last updated June 22)

      For the latest info pro and con

      27. Google --->   100000000 vacation
                               This is not a total of POTUS vacations.
                               It is the cost of his pending vacation to Africa.

      26. Google --->   solyndra bankruptcy
                                           This wasn't the only nor the largest, just the first  financed by US.
                                           12 of 20  of the green energy corps funded by this program were Obama cronies.
                                           Most have gone bankrupt.

      26a. Google --->   battery bankruptcy fund

      25. Google --->   NSA collecting phone records Verizon

      25a. Google ---> 
        Phones Searched Hunches
                                         (not limited to Verizon) (include ISPs?)

      24. Google ---> Elizabeth Hofacre Cincinnati Carter Hull

      23. Google --->
      attorney general lied

      22. Google ---> Ordered Give Customer Data FBI

      21. Google ---> SEAL Team  6 Cover UP
                          20 Seals and 11 others ambushed

      20. Google ---> illegal aliens released prison

      19a. Google ---> benghazi eye witnesses

      19b. Google ---> hicks testimony

      19c. Google ---> general stand down

      19d. Google ---> admiral relieved command

      18. Google ---> 17 trillion debt

      17. Google ---> irs snooping senator

      17a. Google---> irs apolgizes

      17b. Google --->
      irs ap
                          holly paz, reveals Washington DC involvement

      17c. Google ---> irs tea party

      17d. Google ---> $70 million bonus

      16. Google ---> irs 6O Million medical records

      16b. Google --->
      govt share medical records

      15. Google ---> us china self contained city
      14. Google ---> nlrb recess appointments

      13. Google ---> obama phones scandal

      12. Google --->  egypt f-16 abrams

      11. Google ---> pigford hispanic

      11a. Google --->
      pigford $50,000

      10. Google --->  ambassador delivered weapons muslims

        9. Google --->  fast and furious executive

        8. Google --->  fdic bail out shorebank obama cronies

       7. Google --->  aig bail out obama cronies

       6. Google --->  bail out uaw general motors

       5. Google ---> obama cousin odinga sharia

      4. Google ---> muslims access nasa

       3. Google --->  you tube Obama i am muslim

       2. Google ---> evening call "the sweetest sound"

       1. and despite the fact POTUS has no such Constitutional power...

          Google --->
      obama 80 000 muslims

      In the immortal words of Forest Gump
      "Stupid is as stupid does."

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