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FW: Bail-out and Bail-in kill AND MY COMMENTS

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    Hello Dick, I m happy to see that at least some of CI are paying attention to these solution articles. I have a LaRouche advocate in my regular private
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2013
    DANIEL KRYNICKI WWP Member (Pipefighter2@...) Hello Dick,

    I'm happy to see that at least some of CI are paying attention to these solution articles.  I have a LaRouche advocate in my regular private emailings.  Her name is Blair.  She writes well and supplies me with plenty of download opportunities.  With links she provided I recently downloaded the complete Federalist Papers and some of Franklin's earliest writings which he did using a pseudonym.  (Links are available upon request.) 

    I reviewed the Dennis Small article carefully.  It deserves a proper CI analysis, which I will do slowly and carefully in the future.  

    But the short of it for now is that Robert Balacious is dead on with questioning Hamiltonian economics.  Both Hamilton and Franklin were in favor of issuing paper currency at interest as loans to the general population in violation of all Old Testament injunctions and, of course, the words spoken by Jesus in Luke 6: 34, 35.  A Hamilton US Bank will simply be another bank that lends money created out of nothing at interest.  It would thus simply transfer ownership of the same money creating, moneylending at interest process, which is expressly prohibited in Scripture, from the lap of one owner to another owner.    

    During the years in which Continental Congress was in operation, prior to 1787, history shows that American Christian Colonial thinking had already been corrupted by the money power.  It goes back to before 1729 when Franklin wrote his theme on paper currency.  But the earliest settlers who came from the British Puritan sect were dead set against all usury.  

    I'm nearing the conclusion of Hoffman's book (Usury in Christendom) where he covers all this in great detail.  It has been a great journey for me through reading this book and thereupon arriving right back where I started with Howard B. Rand as a disciple mentor.  Rand's treatment of usury in Digest of Divine Law is simple and directly to the point; he doesn't elaborate (see six pages shown below).  But it is the way God would have all His people order their economic affairs, and if possible, nationally.  It will be so when His kingdom comes.

    As a Christian nation, the possibilities for doing all this with a God-fearing people as administrators are certainly real.  Alas, we are not and have never been a Christian nation.  Many have thought so in the past.  But in reality, God has always been against usury.  So we have not followed after His ways.  

    Since there are so few of the people who are ready to implement His laws with all their hearts, we must be resolved to wait for the time in which He actually reveals Himself with the evident change in enough people's hearts.  But, as we can now observe, it appears there will be dark times upon us before mankind chooses to request for His intervention.  For now, we should request that He give comfort and mercy to all those people who will become a part of His everlasting Kingdom, especially those who will endure what is surely just around the corner.

    Daniel Krynicki
    St. Clair Shores, Michigan   

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    From: Robert Balaicius/Sacred Truth Ministries 
    Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2013 10:28 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Bail-out and Bail-in kill AND MY COMMENTS
    An interesting read except for the disinformation about Hamilton's economics and also referring to wind and solar power as being unscientific foolishness; he does not define what he means by that.  Obviously, according to the currently "allowed" information, many natural-technologies are not cost effective, but that is only because the real technologies are suppressed and because the Rockefeller oil interests keep them suppressed and the Rockefeller-funded (bribed politicians) pass communist regulations which reward nonproducers and punish producers (running our economy and our entire nation into the ground) and since the technology is not mass produced it is more expensive (and they purposely keep the good technology suppressed, buy it up, and lock in a vault, just like a light bulb that never burns out); they have trained people to be wasteful and irresponsible with energy and everything--throw your old perfectly good stuff in a landfill and buy new with your welfare check.  Overconsumption is not a problem in itself, but it has been created into a problem like getting a person to become an addict, then when they are hooked you charge them more and more until you own their soul.  He also mentions youth unemployment in Europe; the same is rife in the U.S... several generations of children have been virtually lobotomized by the public school system and a godless society that worships the child, so the child learns nothing in school--NOT EVEN HOW to think--and learns no trade or skill, but only learned helplessness, how to lie around and do nothing but wait for a welfare check... such people (the majority of the new generations) will turn to crime or rioting or voting for politicians who will take from others to give to them.  He also interestingly points out the only resolution for Europe is to abandon the euro and return to national currencies.  This proof, in one small way, that a one world government (communism) will not work; the purpose of creating the euro was to DESTROY the stronger nations by having them absorb the irresponsible debt of the lazy weaker nations.  They have done the same with with importing foriegners and their pagan religions and immoral ways.  The only resolution to all these problems is to return them to their own lands and peoples where they can live as they want and restore our nations to what WORKED for centuries.  Like everything that modern corrupt government does, NOTHING WORKS; its purpose is to fail, to enslave, impoverish, destroy.  And people continue to foolishly believe the corrupt political traitors, who in essence are shouting: "the fire is not out yet, quick throw MORE GASOLINE on the fire!"--such is how they handle every problem: poverty, immigration, war, drugs, immorality... everything they touch they destroy; whereas, the founders of our nation who were Christians, everything they touched turned to gold.

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    FOR ALL…I suggest reading the information in the attached article..It addresses the entire issue of International Finance and what it portends, is about to happen….jrn

    Subject: Bail-out and Bail-in kill

    The "Bail Out" and the "Bail-In" approach to saving the trans-Atlantic banking system has failed totally. The total amount to be bailed-out is literally 100 times greater than the total amount of money which has been printed by the western banks in "quantitative easing," IN ADDITION TO the total deposits in the banking system, which the "bail-in" is in the process of stealing to pay off the derivatives.
        The attached article from EIR proves this reality - and shows that the policy kills, in huge numbers, and will kill civilization itself.
    Bailout or Bail-in: The Queen’s Policy Is Genocide
             by Dennis Small
    Mike Billington
    Asia Desk
    Executive Intelligence Review
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