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Re: how free Cuba is, a bit more than north Korea/jimmy concedes the point.

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  • Jimmy jamshaid
    Jimmy Nightshade WWP Email Member and Pakistani opponent of democracy (jimmybug@rocketmail.com) *Sir;* *By being FREE yourself & thought-controlled Americans
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 29, 2013
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      Jimmy Nightshade WWP Email Member and Pakistani opponent of democracy (jimmybug@...) *Sir;* *By being "FREE" yourself & thought-controlled Americans & the US Government mean "Be like USA/Duplicate us"..........why the heck should anybody duplicate USA ......... become image of USA if they do not want to??!! Is this FREEDOM, forcing ourselves upon others??!! So the entire problem is "CUBA refuses to be like USA' which is their right ............. and so does North Korea, which is their right too ......................... whether NK or Cuba are FREE or not FREE is entirely their own business & none of ours................*

      WV WWP Email member and special friend of the cyber personality known as Automatic Lie (microdhses@...) Here's a few reasons why the US has that PARTIAL blockade.

      -the cubans stole american properties there, without compensation
      -the americans hate commies,
      -the americans are bullies, when they can get away with it.
      -the americans hate it when countries put in missiles close to them.
      -the americans hate it when cuba spreads revolution all over the place,

      That's just a short list. BTW, I'm against that partial blockade.
    • Algae5636@...
      Al J WWP Email Member and Baha i(Algae5636@aol.com ) Mozambique used to be a colony known as Portuguese East Africa, from 1505 to 1975, exploited by both the
      Message 2 of 10 , Apr 30, 2013
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        Al J WWP Email Member and Baha'i(Algae5636@... ) Mozambique used to be a colony known as Portuguese East Africa, from 1505 to 1975, exploited by both the Portuguese and the British. That's 470 years-- and in all that time the colonizers and their British cohorts did not turn it into a developed country with a prosperous native population. Do you suppose that might have some bearing on why you found them "terrified of giving up control to Westerners"???

        If you visited the US just 38 years after we won our independence-- you would have found that the people of the US were just as "terrified of giving up control" back to the British and their buddies, ya know.

        From Wiki:

        "By the early 20th century the Portuguese had shifted the administration of much of Mozambique to large private companies, like the Mozambique Company, the Zambezia Company and the Niassa Company, controlled and financed mostly by the British, which established railroad lines to neighbouring countries."

        To explain that a little further: "The administration of Mozambique" is a colonial euphemism for "the governance of Mozambique". The people of Mozambique were being governed by private companies.

        "Although slavery had been legally abolished in Mozambique, at the end of the 19th century the Chartered companies enacted a forced labor policy and supplied cheap – often forced – African labour to the mines and plantations of the nearby British colonies and South Africa."

        In blunt other words, the native peoples were being governed specifically so as to produce profits for those three companies.

        "The Zambezia Company, the most profitable chartered company, took over a number of smaller prazeiro holdings, and established military outposts to protect its property. The chartered companies built roads and ports to bring their goods to market including a railroad linking present day Zimbabwe with the Mozambican port of Beira."

        Note that the railroad went to a port: "goods to market" meant their goods went onto ships and off to Europe, not to the markets of Mozambique.

        Margaret Hemenway (ducky4817@...) Jimmy, you are so bloody ignorant- but then you're NOT American so you don't have a clue what's really been going on in this country- take it from someone who worked extensively for the USG -- we're selling socialism and dependency to the rest of the world thanks to the liberal tilt of the US Dept of State and it's co-dependent, US AID- have you seen a single foreign aid recipient who's graduated from foreign aid? Or do they like dependency- and begin to feel a sense of entitlement about hand-outs from the First World? Who benefits from that dependency- the recipient (mostly governments who become corrupted by it)-- or the "donor" (i.e. the bureaucrat or quasi-bureaucrat, not the taxpayer who subsidizes him) who makes a nice, fat salary "helping poor foreigners" & has a job that will likely never end? Have you ever heard the expressio n about teaching a man to fish? We don't want to do that- we want to give him the fish- not the fishing rod, so he will always have to have his hand out, asking for another fish. Do you understand this?

        I was in Mozambique with a business/trade delegation yrs ago- at that time, Mozambique was the single largest recipient of foreign aid, per capita. It is FILTHY rich with resources- but b/c of the Marxist-Leninists who over-ran the country after the Portuguese empire collapsed in Africa, it is bankrupt-- it lives off other countries (who could give foreign aid b/c their free markets produced surplus profits that can then be used for all kinds of charities). Nothing worked in Mozambique-- the government had finally agreed to let the Polana Hotel in Maputo be run by the S. Africans- and it sort of functioned (the lights would go out in our rooms at times)-- but the food was decent. The UN folks there lived well- they had servants & cooks, etc. (typical). They told us to make sure we paid some little kid to watch our car so it didn't get stolen or broken into while we were in meetings. Mozambique used to a honeymoon mecca for S. Africans- not since the communists ran it into the ground. We visited a bread factory in Beira, a port city-- the factory pumped out a few loaves a day. A Canadian entrepreneur, who at this point, was completely exasperated by the ignorant, under-educated (steeped in Marxism) ministers running the government-- that he shouted out to our hosts, "sell this factory for ONE PENNY"- DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!" Their ideology made them terrified of giving up control to Westerners (who actually might have business skills that could turn the place around)- they insisted on 51% ownership-- and no Westerner in their right mind would agree to that, given their obvious complete ineptitude. The natives were living at subsistence levels off some arts and crafts (very fine work actually and there was true skill evident in woodworking crafts like inlay) but it was very upsetting/depressing to see such a rich land be turned into a decomposing, unproductive, but classic example of the failures of communism.

        Jimmy Nightshade WWP Email Member and Pakistani opponent of democracy (jimmybug@...) One man's Freedom is not another persons Freedom too. And you should concede that the United States is constantly busy trying to force "Americanism/Capitalism" upon the World, disguised as "Freedom, Democracy & apple-Pie"............

        WV WWP Email member and special friend of the cyber personality known as Automatic Lie (microdhses@...) Thank you for conceding that Cuba is not a free country at all, but only a
        bit freer than North Korea.

        And I DO say we should leave them alone, and even give up the gitmo
        base(not just the prison, but the entire base(plus all the other overseas
        ones, that's about 700 of them).

        But I do disagree with you when you say we're trying to force capitalism on
        them, since we are not really capitalistic ourselves. The US violates the
        main tenants of capitalism; respect for private property and free trade.
        You, like most, confuse terms like ''freedom, democracy, capitalism'.
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