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Riina jr. 'proud' to be son of Mafia 'boss of bosses'

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    Insubria Italocentric WWP Member (insubria87@yahoo.it) Riina jr. proud to be son of Mafia boss of bosses Toto passed on values, morals 19 April, 17:24
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      Insubria Italocentric WWP Member (insubria87@...) Riina jr. 'proud' to be son of Mafia 'boss of bosses'
      Toto' passed on 'values, morals'
      19 April, 17:24

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      (ANSA) - Padua, April 19 - Giuseppe Salvatore Riina, son of Salvatore 'Toto'' Riina, the most powerful Sicilian Mafia boss in the 1980s and early 1990s, on Friday defended his father and said he was proud to carry his family name. "It is a surname that was given to me by two parents who were able to teach me many things: values, morals," he told the northern regional Corriere del Veneto newspaper.

      "I am honoured to be the son of Toto' Riina and Antonietta Bagarella".

      His mother, like Riina, also comes from a powerful Mafia family from Corleone in the province of Palermo, considered the heart of Mafia activity in the years leading up to the massacres of 1992-1993 in which anti-mafia prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were just two of the many people who lost their lives. Giuseppe currently lives under special surveillance in the Veneto city of Padua where he works for a local association providing services to marginalised people after serving an eight-year-and-10-month sentence for Mafia association.

      Arrested in 1993, Toto' Riina is currently being held in a maximum-security jail on multiple life sentences and his son said he was sure "his father will not come out of prison alive".

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