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RR Interesting Items: Guns to Gosnell by Alex Gimarc

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  • Rich Martin
    Rich Martin WWP Email Member and forwarder of Texas Tea Party stuff (ser_dick@yahoo.com) Interesting Items: Guns to Gosnell by Alex Gimarc Monday April 15,
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      Rich Martin WWP Email Member and forwarder of Texas Tea Party stuff (ser_dick@...)
      Interesting Items:
      Guns to Gosnell
      by Alex Gimarc

      Monday April 15, 2013

      InterestingItems 4/15 -

      Howdyall, a few Interesting Items for your information. Enjoy –

      Inthis issue:

      1. Quote of the week
      2. NY Gun Permits
      3. MO CCW
      4. Drilling
      5. WA Lawsuit
      6. Thatcher
      7. Gosnell

      1. Quote of the Week. This came across the transom last week and made melaugh. Initially thought it was a recent column. Upon furtherresearch, discovered it was a four year old Burt Prelutsky column. I don’tnormally do a complete cut and paste, but this one was too good to passup. Enjoy -

      "Frankly, I don't know what it is aboutCalifornia, but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious womento high office. I'm not bragging, you understand, but no other state, includingMaine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats toWashington, we're Number One. There's no getting around the fact that the lasttime anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters,and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on'Macbeth'.

      The four of them are like jackasses whohappen to possess the gift of blab. You don't know if you should condemn themfor their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words."

      -- Columnist Burt Prelutsky, Los Angeles Times, http://www.burtprelutsky.com/ 2009/12/new-and-improved-iron- curtain.html

      2. NY Gun Permits.
      There was some significant concern early last week thatNY state police had started accessing private medical records / prescriptionrecords as a vehicle to revoke gun ownership permits issued in the state. There was a case where a gun owner from Buffalo received a letter from thecounty clerk revoking his license and demanding him to turn it over along withall seven of his licensed firearms. A provision in the recently passedanti-gun legislation in NY calls for confiscation of firearms from people with“serious mental conditions”, though the definition of thoseconditions remains entirely in the eye of the beholder. The citizenretained counsel and filed an immediate lawsuit against the state. Thecase also really blew up outrage among the pro-firearms people as itdemonstrates once again that firearms registration inevitably leads toconfiscation. It also raises the specter of the state working withleftist doctors, nurses and pharmacists to access personal medical information– which means that privacy does not trump the ability of anti-gunners tolabel anyone mentally unstable and seize their firearms.
      As of theweekend, the state police claimed to have made a mistake, misidentifying thefirearms owner. They issued an apology and the county revoked thenotification letter. The NY state police may or may not be pouringthrough private medical records for evidence of anti-depressant of psychotropicdrug prescriptions so that they may have an excuse to revoke lawful gunlicenses.
      My guess would be to assume the worst here, as it is preciselythe outcome Cuomo and NY democrats want. The problem raised by thisremains: and it is who gets to decide who or what is mentallyunstable? The leftist dominated state of NY? The racists in theObama (In)Justice Department? Politically appointed Chiefs ofPolice? Leftist doctors and pharmacists? Any random fool with an axto grind? How about any of us who like Michael Savage believes being aliberal is a mental disorder? Who gets power over our ability to exerciseour rights under the Second Amendment? This is going to get worse beforeit gets better I am afraid, which is why there have been over 70 millionbackground checks and approvals since Obama was sworn in January 2009. Americans are preparing for war against their politicians.

      3. MO CCW. It appears anti-gunners in the employ of the Missouri Highway Patrol twice shared the list of concealed carry permit holders in Missouri withthe Obama administration. This is in direct violation of Missouri statelawprohibiting any sharing of this information with the federalgovernment. The current MO governor, Jay Nixon is the former stateattorney general and is well aware of the provisions of state law.
      TheState Highway Patrol twice requested the entire list from State Division ofMotor Vehicle and Driver Licensing, ostensibly hoping to match up the 185,000people on the list with a list of MO residents with mental problems ordisabilities – not unlike what the state police are doing in NY under Cuomo’snew anti-gun law. There was no written request for the information. We will see who gets prosecuted for breaking state law. As the governorand political appointees are democrats, I am not hopeful. Looks likeHolder’s (In)Justice Department is in the process of constructing theirlist of firearms owners. And they are starting with concealed carrypermit holders.

      4. Drilling. Last week ConocoPhillips announced they were putting plans fordrilling in the Arctic Ocean on hold for the time being. This comes onthe heels of the death of 1000 cuts endured by Shell Oil last summer in theirattempt at drilling in the Chukchi Sea. The Obama administration haslarded so many rules, regulations, requirements, and levels of oversight on theproducers that it is no longer profitable to drill or produce in the ArcticOcean. We already have a number of artificial islands built over the years andproducing just offshore the Prudhoe Bay oil fields and they have done just finefor decades. The anti-energy greens working for this administration andholding their leashes in congress (democrats all) ignore both the precedent andsuccessful history of offshore oil exploration and production here in Alaska(and elsewhere), all to the detriment of our economic future and jobs for usand the generations that follow. And for what?

      5. WA Lawsuit. Here come the lawsuits. The Washington State AttorneyGeneral filed a lawsuit against a florist in Richland who refused to provide anarrangement for a same sex wedding. The lawsuit was filed underprovisions of the state Consumer Protection Act and cites the stateanti-discrimination laws. The florist, who reportedly reached an amicablearrangement with the pair of long time customers is a devout Christian and refusesthe sale on religious grounds.
      The homosexual community has turned into agroup of bullying thugs, ready, willing and able to use the power of the stateand anti-discrimination laws to run roughshod over the religious beliefs ofChristians. This is pure thuggery, bullying via lawfare, using the powerof the state against small business people who will be unable to afford theexpense of defending themselves in court. This is the future we will seeas gay marriage laws roll out across the nation.

      6. Thatcher. Baroness Maggie Thatcher passed away last Monday at the age of88. Thatcher along with Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II provided thefree world with the moral backbone necessary to finish the destruction of theSoviet Union and its empire of client states. Thatcher has been calledone of the three most important British Prime Ministers and presided over aperiod of the restoration of liberty in Great Britain after decades of creepingsocialism. She was reportedly suffering from Alzheimer’s diseaseupon her passing.
      She was simply a great lady, and reviled by the left,who are now dancing on her grave, gleefully pushing the old Wizard of Oz song“Ding dong, the witch is dead” up British radio play lists. How thoughtful. Over here, Senate democrats blocked a resolutioncommending her service in support of liberty and wishing her well on herpassing from this earth.

      7. Gosnell. A Philadelphia aborto-doc named Kermit Gosnell is on trial foreight counts of murder (infanticide) over years of running a filthy charnelhouse near the campus of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia. Gosnellpracticed post-birth abortion on a massive basis, severing the spinal cords ofunwanted children born alive. He kept feet and other pieces of them assouvenirs.
      Gosnell is an old man, who at age 72 has been doing this fordecades, perhaps as long as 40 years. For this service, he was paidhandsomely, and because of the pro-choice political regime in the state of PA,stopped being inspected by state health examiners on a regular basis after1992. His murderous reign of terror proceeded under both parties in thestate house.
      As Gosnell was black and ostensibly operating in the innercity, his mass murder spree has not been all that interesting to the media, whichoutside of some in the right wing blogosphere and the Philadelphia Inquirer,has all but ignored the story. Gosnell may follow Sibelius’aborto-doc, creator of the dilation and extraction (D&X) infanticidetechnique called partial birth abortion as one of the worst and certainly thecruelest mass murderers in history.
      The trial continues. Thoseinterested should be careful reading the charging documents and trialtestimony, as it will leave pictures in your mind that you may not be able toremove for a very long time.

      Contrast the coverage of Gosnell and theconcern over his butchery with that of Adam Lanza, who killed children in NewTown, CT. Gosnell certainly killed more, and at a more personal levelthan Lanza, yet we must have a national discussion over firearms and ignoringpart of the Bill of Rights while completely ignoring a similar discussion overpenumbras and emanations of the right of privacy that cloaks this horror.
      To cap off the story, there appears to be a similar death house in Delaware,which Planned Parenthood is furiously backpedaling from in an attempt to get asfar away from as humanly possible. How many houses of horror does PlannedParenthood operate (Gosnell was not one)? And why are they not held tothe same standards of cleanliness as the basic Doc in a Box storefrontclinic? This is the future democrats, feminists, and the abortionbusiness has in store for our children and grandchildren. This is thefuture demanded by Sandra Fluke. This is evil at its most basic.

      Morelater -

      - AG

      "Ifye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better thanthe animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not yourcounsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May yourchains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were ourcountrymen."
      -Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia
      State House, August 1, 1776.

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