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27052Alleged World Domination Interest Groups (AWDIG)

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  • Der Hoaxster
    Sep 1, 2010
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      Jesse Ventura is listed as a conspiracy theorist. This Wiki link portrays his military record a little differently than he does.


      [Dennis H]~Until 4 years ago I was an unbeliever in conspiracies. Still I fight my tendency to want to find one. I don't really
      think they start out as a downright repressive type action but they always turn into obsessions on the part of the participants.
      (the various groups, not the theorists) ~

      Der Hoaxster] ~Proponents of these conspiracy theories include the John Birch Society, an American economic nationalist advocacy
      group Canadian writer Daniel Estulin, British writer David Icke, former Cuban president Fidel Castro American writer Jim Tucker,
      politician Jesse Ventura and radio host Alex Jones. ~
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