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  • gary beauregard
    Jul 31, 2014
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      That was beautiful. There is just one little problem. "They" are the ones who offer you the voting slate. "They" choose who you are voting for. You actually have very little choice. You always get a shit sandwich and can only have your choice of the bread that holds it. White or Rye.

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      Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:22 PM
      Subject: [Rightisright] FIRE CONgress [1 Attachment]


      Very interesting suggestion here!

      Vote The Bastards Out (Music for your next " Fire Congress" flash event)
      You can dance! 


      Forwarding articles and photos about the evil (Gaza, Ukraine, deflationary depression, police state) does nothing to stop it   -- Congress has the power to stop evil  --  but now when Satan is rigging the elections  -- with their usual tricks for controlling the 2-party system election outcomes. Now we have devised a way to beat their methods and bring elections back to their proper function.   Lt. Morrisseau's Congress Firing Band!     The people unite as one  forgetting all of our differences to accomplish one thing  --  vote out all of Congress.   Don't fool around with third parties or refusing to vote.  The winning strategy has to be this:  If the incombent is Republican everyone vote for the Democrat (as if the third-parties did not exist)  --   this year bypass the third party candidates  -- no money and no votes  -- because it is time for national unity of all citizens  to simply put party loyalty and vote
      against the standing Congress itself.  THIS IS THE ONLY GAME THAT BEATS THEIR GAME.
      There are two Big Political Parties one of which always wins.  So this time the people gather around a very simple strategy:  If the incumbent Congressman is of Big Party A then everyone will vote for the Big Party B candidate  -- with all of us agreeing that this year we hang up the third parties no matter how dear to the heart their slogans and ideals may be to us individually.   WE WILL ALL VOTE THE PARTY B CANDIDATE  -- And all who can will participate in the Party B caususes and primaries --  what if Greens, Libertarians, Populists, Socialists, Reform Party, Constitution Party, and so forth all showed up at the Party B caucuses and otherwise tried to influence the quality of the party B candidate chosen  - -- but no matter what we will vote for the Party B candidate.
      If the incumbent or retiring candidate is Republican  -- you and everyone else  votes for the Democrat (whether we succeedin in influencing which candidate gets the Dem nomination or not)
      If the incumbent or retiring candidate is Democrat  -- you and everyone else votes for the Republican (whether we succeed in influencing which candidate  gets the GOP nominatin or not)
      This is the right strategy.  It is right because it is has the best chance of knocking out the power and seeming invincibility of the election manipulators who have -- until now  -- used the two-party system to thier advantage.
      NOTE THIS:     HOW PEACEFUL THIS REVOLUTION WILL BE   -- YOUR REVOLUTIONARY BLOW IS DELIVERED SIMPLY BY VOTING REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT IN THE ELECTION.   How the Federal Goverment Homeland Security or the FBI find anything subversive in that.?    It is the safest for the people to fight back. And that is an advantage not to be valued lightly.  But is is also the one plan simple enough and understandable enough that millions could take hold of it by election day in November.  All we need is a few million.
      I am Dick Eastman   and I am putting aside all other issues for this one strategy   --  Morrisseu's "fire Congress"  -- and do it within the two party system.
      Listen to Dennis explain why it works and the advantages of it.  I've thought through his strategy and am convinced that it is the best possible move.  Please listen to Morrisseu's sound reasoning.  This is one very wise man.
      Both parties have corruption  -- both will feel the ax.  We know that the longer Congressmen and Senators stay in office the more they serve the lobbyists and PACs in Washington rather than the constituents back home.  For this reason alone  -- a People's Purge of Congress and Senate incumbents is a good idea.
      Dick Eastman




      From Lindy:
      I'm with you, Dick!
      reply:  And I with you, Lindy.


      From Caroline Louise (chattenoire)
      Dick - why not create a twitter account? For all its crassness it's a very good way of creating a feed for followers and reaching a lot of people. Mail lists are always treated as spam now.  Put your stuff on a blog, tweet each new update. You'll get followers very fast and if they retweet then your stuff will reach all their followers too. No mail list could compete which that potential exposure - which is why so many public figures use Twitter now. 

      This is my twitter fwiw … https://twitter.com/ChatteNoire67
      reply:  Why not indeed.  I don't know how they work - but I have noticed their great power.  I have not made use of it because I found the messages must be very short -- and I am not a good enough writer to put things in short sentences.  But now the Fire Congress idea is so clean and simple  -- a compound weapon for democracy  -- that twittering the virtue of such a "butterfly wing rebellion"  would not be hard at all.


      > they can all be removed with mass communication of this idea, I seek different locations for mass emailing, It is all free and our best weapon.

       You are right about the power of exposure.  The exposure they have already gotten has made Congress hated by all.  But exposure, while it has brought the Congress unpopularity, has failed to bring about removal from office.  Incumbents still win most elections.    As bad as they are they still manage to win by a host of tricks.  Here is how they beat our exposure of them.

      The good people who would vote them out are divided by the appearance of multiple "third parties" and multiple candidates in the nominations process.  The libertarians vote for the liberatarian candidate -- who tells how horrible the candidates of both parties are.  The Green party does the same and so do the Reform Party and the socialist party and the Patriot Party and the
      Consitution party  -- and all who are drawn off throw their vote away on a third party which is really division into five or six parties  -- third party, fourth party, fifith party etc.   -- so that the active citizens are drained away from the two party confrontation.  Next the party has a lot of people running for nomination  -- a similar divide and conquer tactic  -- people giving money just so they can split the people's vote against status quo encumbency.  Republicans are divided by tea-party and anti-abortion and small government and all kinds of unknowns running  -- so that only the man with the big money  -- in my Congressional District -- its the guy running for "agribusiness"   a fellow named Dan Newhouse  backed by Monsanto  (Dan worked hard against labeling GMO on foods  -- big big money  -- agribusiness and the big grocer interests)  and of
      course Dan is a Ruppert Murdoch Neo-con  because Fox owns all the radio talk shows reaching us  etc.   
      At any rate -- if Congress were to have all new faces and none of the old faces  -- that would be a terrific victory for people.  The politicians would be on notice that they are in fact answerable to the people when they have collectively gone too far against the common interest.
      So don't go about "exposing"  -- it only comes off as dirty politics  --  and it wears people down to sift the accusations and counter-accusations.  Simply vote all incumbents out.  If the incumbent is GOP then vote the Democrat, whoever he or she may be.  If the incumbent is Democrat then vote in the Republican.     
      Taking part in the primaries is optional.  But even that becomes easier.  Since every citizen participating in FIRE CONGRESS knows that the incumbent is of one party  -and that the plan calls for them voting for the candidate of the other party  -- when everyone   -- eveyrone participating in fire Congress  -- can go to the "out" mainstream party  and, if they choose, see if they can get a good man nominated. 
      Since all people usually devoting time and energy to third party efforts will now be only voting for Democrats to oust Republican incumbents or voting Republican to oust the Democrat incumbent  -- then conceivable the political talent and energy that usually is dissipated in third-party efforts could go to picking a nominee in the mainstream party who indeed might not be the "Dan Newhouse" (in the example above) that was intended.
      I am not sure what should be done when a Congressman retires so that there is no incumbent  --   I suspect we should simply vote for the other main party's candidate just as if he were incumbent  -- for the sake of simplicity  -- an easy to follow rule  -- to avoid the fuzziness that can lead to people breaking discipline in this excercise of people's discipline in voting to overcome corruption.
      Did you watch the video.


      Flash Free Speech
      People in a public square.  One reading a newspaper loudly makes a comment on what he is reading.  Someone within earshot makes very fitting seeming "quip" to the first remark.  Somone else, just enough distant from both to still be in earshot of their voices makes a more detailed statement that is very powerful and gains everyone interest.  Another person, apparently a bystander makes a reply that reinforces and qualified that statement.  Quickly another person makes a crticial statement  -- which immediatly after the man who made the quip answers with another quip.  Then five people give what seem like impromptu statements each a few minutes long.  Then someone one of the speakers begins asking questions, "who thinks such and such?"   And all of it was carefully scripted and rehersed to make it effective.
      In this way a non-demonstration demonstration can occur.
      Communists and black-op agitators use this technique all the time.  Why can't the people, prevented for organizing by the police state, put together such Flash Free Speech "happenings'  just as easily as the people with musical talent have put together flash singing events.
      This is a tactic I recommend to sell Lt. Morrisseau's Fire Congress  -- vote out the encumbents  -- no third pary dilution  -- we all simply UNITE to throw out every incumbent.
      Dick Eastman
      Yakima, Washington


      Please view and comment on and share and facebook and twitter  the Fire Congress video.
      Will someone join me in backing up Lt. Morrisseau's video in the discussion section.  Also indicate that you like the video if you like it.  Leave an intelligent and helpful comment if one occurs to you.
      Dennis Morrisseau has the only sure way for everyone to slug back.  It is simple enough for all to understand.  It is one simple and effective response that will bring great satisfaction  -- a sense of victory  -- to everyone who despises Congress.  A simple agreement by the People  -- transcending all ties to politics and ideology -- to fire Congress.   Listen to Morrisseau's video  -- he's an old guy like me and he has his friend with him  -- there in Vermont -- and he is speaking excellent sense.  Morrisseau and I have corresponded for years.  We exchange information and thoughts -- I know him.  I know his character.  I know the soundness of his thinking and goodness of his (our) cause.   I ask my freinds to put aside any project or suggestion I may have made over the years -- and until November of 2014 let us concentrate in making one clear statement to politicians and the world  -- the American people have the power to
      coordinate the removal of every incumbent in congress   --   if  in a COngressional district or state with a Senator up for re-election  we simpley vote this way  --   Republican is in we all vote Democrat  -- if a Democrat we all vote Republican  -- we do not vote for third parties   -- forget the third parties   -- third parties are a trick to draw off the activists from the two party system.  As long as we have a two party system, as Morrisseau says, we must use strategy that gives us the most advantage.  This is it.  Please go to this Youtube  now:      http://youtu.be/sBVT7AmPNy0%c2%a0%c2%a0 It has the very poor name  Free Speech Productions - Occupy the Voting Booth II   -- ignore the weak name  -- its the powerful idea inside that counts.   Also to women and people of non-European ancestory  -- ignore that these are two old white men.  There hearts are pure and the help of their suggestion of our best
      strategy before the next election -- we are all in this together.  Every man is responsible to every other man.
      I learned a lot a little too late,Donut learn as I did.  Take care & beware,FTG  The sun shineth upon the dunghill & isnt corrupted. We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them. Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis  http://wp.me/PmtmV-4W2%c2%a0%c2%a0%c2%a0%c2%a0%c2%a0

      Fully Informed Jury Association

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