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  • joniferris@ymail.com
    Jul 30, 2014
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      This was forwarded to me on FB, how Israel is fighting the war:

      Chaim David Eric Targan

      The father of a Chayal (soldier) who is now in Gaza told how his son
      was informed on Friday that his unit will not be going home for
      Shabbos, which was a problem because they did not have any provisions
      for Shabbos.
      The father ran to the supermarket to buy some things, as much dips
      and salads as he could, then he stopped at the schwarma place in
      Petach Tikva. He asked for a portion to be put into an aluminum tray
      and explained that it was for his son who is in Gaza without food for
      The owner said to him "what do you mean for your son? How many
      soldiers are in his group?" The father answered "70"
      The Schwarma place owner called all of his workers. They prepared all
      the schwarma they had, brought out all of their meat, fried
      schnitzels, prepared Moroccan salads and chips and within an hour he
      and all of his workers had emptied the entire restaurant and given it
      over to the father. The father, who has seen people do acts of
      kindness in his in his life, just stood there crying and thanking him.
      From a Daily Dose of Kindness

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