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138273Italian reporter on Gaza

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  • joniferris@ymail.com
    Jul 30, 2014
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      Thursday, July 31st | 4 Av 5774

      Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati said he was
      able to speak freely about witnessing a Hamas
      misfire that killed nine children at the Shati
      camp, confirming the Israel Defense Forces
      version of events, but only after leaving Gaza,
      "far from Hamas retaliation."

      On Twitter, Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for
      Radio Popolare Milano, and a former reporter for
      Sky Italia, in Beijing, said, "Out of #Gaza far
      from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed
      children yday [yesterday] in Shati. Witness:
      militants rushed and cleared debris."

      He said, "@IDFSpokesperson said truth in
      communique released yesterday about Shati camp
      massacre. It was not #Israel behind it."

      On Tuesday, the IDF released aerial photos
      showing how a rocket from Gaza targeting Israel
      hit the Shati camp, run by the UNRWA, and Al
      Shifa Hospital, which has become a de-facto Hamas
      headquarters, against international rules of war.

      Barbati said he was unable to speak about the Al
      Shifa hit, but he was certain that it was a Hamas
      rocket that hit the Shati camp, and a witness saw
      militants rushing to clean the debris.

      Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who praised Barbati for
      telling the truth in a war where many journalists
      have been intimidated by Hamas, noted that "When
      Hamas made the area off limits to reporters, it
      was cleaning the area from any debris that could
      show the truth."
      An IDF diagram showing how four rockets from Gaza
      hit the sea, Israel, Shati and Al Shifa Hospital.
      Photo: IDF.

      An IDF diagram showing how four rockets from Gaza
      hit the sea, Israel, Shati and Al Shifa Hospital.
      Photo: IDF.

      On Tuesday, CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in
      Middle East Reporting in America, called out two
      correspondents from The Wall Street Journal for
      deleting photographs that would implicate Hamas
      in the war crime of using the Al Shifa hospital
      as a military headquarters. Other journalists,
      including a Gazan reporter for French media
      recounted to France's Libération how Hamas had
      interrogated him in the same hospital, but later
      asked the newspaper to take down the story.

      Elder of Ziyon said, "Every single report on TV
      from Gaza should have this disclaimer: 'Our
      reporters have been threatened, implicitly and
      perhaps explicitly, by Hamas to only report one
      side of the story.Viewers must not trust anything
      they are saying.'"

      "There is an assumption of fairness in
      journalism, a contract between the media and the
      viewers," the influential blogger said. "This
      contract has been broken, as far as I can tell,
      by nearly every single reporter in Gaza in nearly
      every report, with a couple of rare exceptions."
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