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122608]World-Wide_Politics[ the Amazing Lund Part 3 DON mistakenly conflates

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    Jan 31, 2014
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      MARK CARPENTER who claims that he does not post to the WWP email group(carpbear@...) Postherguy:

      A lot of us believe that Judith Niewiadomski is mentally ill.

      Perhaps she imports water from the Elk River in Charleston, WV to drink.

      Bless her heart...


      "I am trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous,
      kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
      Sometimes I am not all these things--but ten out of twelve isn't bad!"

      Post her Guy aka Judy Carter of Lincoln, Nebraska WWP Email Member (Postherguy@...) Do you actually believe the xxxx you

      >O, that's right, you're tea bagger, so
      apparently you do.

      Judith Niewadomski WWP Invitee(pasharabit@...) Tom is correct, as usual.    Conservatives are the limited government, maximum freedom, personal responsibility, natural, God-given rights philosophy and are in sync with John Locke, Jefferson, Madison, Mason, et al.   It is part of Marxist totalitarian strategy to redefine terms, so sodomites become 'gay,"   abortion becomes "choice," (as though that is the only choice, totalitarian Stalinist communist becomes "liberal,"  and constitutional republican freedom becomes conservative.   But conservative comes from the same root as conservation, conserve, etc.  conserving and preserving our founding principles.  You conserve what is good to serve into the future.  
      >>Illegal alien invaders become......, the children of sluts and sperm donors are no longer called illegitimate, being a parasite on the backs of working people is called an entitlement, honorable veterans and Christians are called enemies of the state and terrorists while ravenously bloodthirsty murderous islamonazi terrorists  are friends of bo.     Only liberals are stupid enough to believe it.
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