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122601RE: ]World-Wide_Politics[ SOMETHING YOU WON'T SEE IN U.S. NEWS

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  • der Hoaxster
    Jan 31, 2014
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      Ken Martin has referred to "colleagues" at the university. We really do not know if he is a university employee and in direct contact with students. He might be a janitor.
      For that matter, New Mexico State University and subsidiary Doña Ana Community College share a campus. He could be cleaning the horse stables at the Ag school, an appropriate job for him.

      der Hoaxster email group moderator (derhoaxster@...) Ken Martin has mentioned in WWP posts that he uses his university position to seek out university age young men.

      Peter LaBarbera WWP Poster (americansfortruth@...) He is an anti-Jewish AND anti- Christian bigot of the highest order, and apparently a serial harasser, too -- based on his harassment of me and others. Hopefully he's no longer an active predator of children.

      Peter LaBarbera
      Americans For Truth
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