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  • der Hoaxster GMail
    Jan 30, 2014
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      In one episode of Swamp Fox, one of Marion's men, Plunkett (played by Slim Pickens of Dr. Strangelove), admitted that many of the plentiful Tories they were fighting were relatives. It is possible that North Carolina had the highest percentage of Tories. Highland Scots had one of the highest rates of Toryism.

      Earl Reese holder of a doctorate in Psychology and WWP Email Member (earljreese@...) Yeah, I am considering the history of Sumter, Marion, Pickens and other out of state fighters like Morgan who recruited and fought in SC and

      der Hoaxster (derhoaxster@...) Surprised? South Carolina was majority Tory.

      [link] Vocal Loyalists, often with the encouragement and assistance of royal governors, recruited people to their side. In the South Carolina backcountry Loyalist recruitment outstripped that of Patriots.


      der Hoaxster (derhoaxster@...) The Carolinas may have the highest number of Tories. 96 was a loyalist versus revolutionary battle.

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