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122591]World-Wide_Politics[ Gas in the Free Society? ???

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  • Bob Wynman
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@...) When I started burning gas, it was 25 cents/gal in San Francisco, same price as paint thinner.

      I could fill my Vespa tank for less than 50 cents.


      Jan Fry WWP Member (rockysma1@...) The market's oil barons and investors control the price of crude oil.

      In US crude oil is refined as gas at the pump and convenience plastic items and packaging. The US is a "throw away" nation.

      Personally I don't remember the price of gas at the pump at 19.9 cents a gallon ever.

      Only remember that Arco gas stations in my state had offered green stamps with a fill up, then Noah Ark with various animals. While Shell stations had glasses or dishes with fill up. Not once was gas at the pump below a $1.99 a gallon. Perhaps at Citgo gas stations on the east coast and southern states? Which was imported from Venezuela, while Hugo Chavez was president?


      Post her Guy aka Judy Carter of Lincoln, Nebraska WWP Email Member (Postherguy@...) That's very interesting, because when gas prices were up during the Bush administration and then dropped right before the election, liberal NBC did an investigative piece in which they said "The President has no influence over the price of gas at the pump".
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