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122588]World-Wide_Politics[ the Amazing Lund Part 3 DON mistakenly conflates

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  • Postherguy@...
    Jan 31, 2014
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      Post her Guy aka Judy Carter of Lincoln, Nebraska WWP Email Member (Postherguy@...) And we have yet another bold faced lie spewing from the keyboard of the amazing Don Fredrick.

      Or maybe he's not really lying, maybe he's just really, really ignorant.

      Ether way, not someone an informed, intelligent and rational thinking
      American can put much stake in.

      No wonder his credibility is shot all to hell.

      Don Fredrick WWP Member (colony14@...) Coolidge and Reagan.

      Mike Vito WWP Member (hemilight@...) So show us where CONservatives left the economy, debt, & deficit, in
      better shape than when they took office! Dare to compare!
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