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  • Mark Carpenter
    Jan 31, 2014
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      MARK CARPENTER who claims that he does not post to the WWP email group(carpbear@...) Hey, there, Nessie -- still hacking into people's email accounts and changing their passwords?

      Christopher Lund WWP Member (mccloedskilt@...) Hey there Eddy xxxxxx, still sending out magazine subscriptions in other people's names?

      Mike Vito WWP Member (hemilight@...) AAAhhh! Remember when people once dreamed of working for a shop that had one? (See Geri's closing below) Remember when they were one of the strong vestiges that really worked? Back when common people could afford to feed their families, see a dentist, save for the kids education, buy a nice home, a decent car, a boat perhaps, & even a nice little cabin to vacate to, on a nice little unpolluted lake, rather than rush on off to your other job after a full days work, just to keep the roof over your heads? The Filthy Rich have changed all of that, they like it that way, & they fully intend to keep it that way! Simply being richer than ever & giving nothing back isn't enough for them anymore. Just count the number of times Boner got off his worthless ass to applaud the President, every time he announced another means of rising us up out of bushDumb. The Filthy Rich have not only destroyed the Workers Unions, but have nearly succeeded in dividing the very Union of this nation! It's getting so a person can hardly even Vote, & if you do, good luck in having it counted! Isn't this in itself Enough? Wake the hell Up! before it is definitely too Late! Don't let the Liars on this site CON you into taking their side. When it comes to the Filthy Rich, there's only so much room @ the Top! Don't sell this Union out, just to become One of Them!
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