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112247WOMEN & JIMMY THE donkey 'STUD'

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  • Paul Dunk
    Aug 23, 2013
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      Paul Dunk World-wide_Politics Member (paul_dunk@...) All those sexy women in Richardson, TX falling over themselves for you.

      Syed Jamshed Muzaffar AKA "Jimmy Jamshaid" of Richardson, TX WWP Former Member, Pakistani opponent of democracy, Taliban sympathizer, Al Quaeda existence denier, and proponent of the theory that premarital sex with donkeys, goats, other men, and camels will not make men permanently gay(jimmybug@...) Nope, Senor Dunk STUDS are a dime a dozen the charm is in "enjoying women kissing your xxx" instead of the other way around and without money, strictly macho charm .

      Paul Dunk World-wide_Politics Member (paul_dunk@...) No shemales for you Jimmy, I guess.
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