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108035Re: ]World-Wide_Politics[ Obama Voters?!?

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  • J. Keen Holland
    Jul 8, 2013
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      J. Keen Holland WWP Email Member and Construction Equipment Owner (OldPolitico@...) Two more types -

      3 - Idealists who think that all that wonderful rhetoric could come true ad be a good thinng - neither is true

      4 - Powertrippers who support big government because they can see themselves as the rulers because they are more intelligent or more ruthless than the average guy who needs to be ruled

      Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@...) The "majority" that voted for Obama are of two types:

      1--Unproductive, immoral parasites voting intelligently for free shit to be stolen from their productive neighbors and ...

      2--Stupid people.

      Perhaps it's not really the fault of those people. They were not born stupid, immoral or unproductive. They were indoctrinated into those two groups by a lifetime of State-controlled schools & media, along with parents & peers also suffering from the same indoctrination.

      If our goal is peace, prosperity and freedom, we must have separation of education and State [http://www.schoolandstate.org/home.htm%5d, health care and State, child care and State, charity and State & economics and State, as we should have separation of church and State ... and for the same reasons.

      Let's replace our coercive State with the "Natural Republic", in which all humans have 100% control of their lives and property. To do that, there must be a group of humans who thoroughly understand the solution. Please help as many of your thinking friends as possible purchase and listen multiple times to at least the first four sessions of Jay Stuart Snelson's V-50 lectures ... and preferably, the whole course .. available at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JaySnelson.

      --bob & lou

      Post her Guy aka Geude Carter of Lincoln, Nebraska WWP Email Member (Postherguy@...) Yes you are wrong - again - a "majority of this country" elected him president - twice,

      Roger Gellar WWP email Member rgellar000@... Goodness! How can anyone say this man simpy is NOT competent and NOT the man for this job!!!

      The only good news is that it appears the majority of this country
      understand this. Am I wrong? Roger

      "Law is just an opinion with a gun." -- Stefan Molyneux

      "A free country has no fear of anyone coming in or going out. But a welfare state must be scared to death of rich people getting out and poor people coming in." - Harry Browne

      --bob & lou
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