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108013Re: ]World-Wide_Politics[ Obama Voters?!?

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  • audiolaw@...
    Jul 7, 2013
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      [bw] = Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@...)

      [al] - Thomas Montague Hall Esq. aka Automatic Lie Oligopolist member of the State Bar of California Monopoly (AudioLaw@...)

      [bw]If our goal is peace, prosperity and freedom, we must have separation of education and State [http://www.schoolandstate.org/home.htm%5d, health care and State,

      [al]Bob Wynman: How charitable for you to take this position, after you went to government provided schools, and then built your dental practice by receiving the subsidies of government licensing protection, etc.

      [bw]child care and State, charity and State & economics and State,

      [al]Sure, even though your entire current snake oil business enterprise relies entirely on government infrastructure and protection, as do all of your investment vehicles. The only economic activity you want separated from the state is regulatory activity that protects people from business frauds, snakeoil salesmen and corruption.

      [bw]as we should have separation of church and State ... and for the same reasons.

      [al]You don't want separation of church and state. You want the state to enforce the greed-centered policies of your Randist and Galamboid religions.

      [bw]Please help as many of your thinking friends as possible purchase and listen multiple times to at least the first four sessions of Jay Stuart Snelson's V-50 lectures

      [al]After Jay Snelson gives you your cut of his sales ($25 for 25 1/2 sermons), people will have to "listen multiple times" to try to make any sense out of the Galamboid religious nonsense!
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