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  • nosaj_d
    Hello My name is Jason and I m a gasaholic. Its been years. I m here to join your multistep program to curb my dependency. I have taken the first step and
    Message 1 of 36 , Aug 31 7:19 PM
      My name is Jason and I'm a gasaholic. Its been years. I'm here to
      join your multistep program to curb my dependency. I have taken the
      first step and seeked help. I will need your wealth of knowledge.

      I was watching the tube one night and after winning the right to
      the remote I switched it off one of the god awful reality shows that
      my wife watches and went to the trusty discovery channel where I
      watched in amazement, a program on turning a truck into a wood burning
      vehicle. I had never heard of this nor even thought it could be
      possible. I knew smoke burned and that it wasn't the actual wood
      burning but never knew that it could be taken to the level that it
      could run an engine. After watching this eye opening show I did some
      research for a month or two and discovered this group and many other
      sites and plans. Happy in the knowledge I could do this if I had too I
      thought it was over. Until I mentioned it to the peanut gallery of
      naysayers I call coworkers. I don't take nay saying so well and the
      challenge was started.

      My plan was set in motion. I work as a journeyman refrigeration
      mechanic with experience in plumbing, gas fitting, tin bashing, and
      electrical. I have all the vessels and sheet metal tools I need at my
      disposal. Thus far I have built most of the gassifier and the vortex
      filter. I have yet to build the filter and cooler. My donor vehicle
      will be a 93 Chev 350 extended cab 4x4. It only travels on long trips
      to hang gliding competitions and family visits. Minimum 6 hour trips.
      The fist one I am building will be the standard 40 gal hot water tank
      imbert but in the future I plan to cut the top off it and add a
      massive hopper/monorator for the longer trips I do.

      I will add pictures as soon as I shoot some and add them in.

      I hope you will let me in to your group. What I lack in experience
      I make up for with enthusiasm and theoretical/scientific thinking.
    • Mike LaRosa
      Troy, My experience with gasifiers in parallel is that they work fine if sized right just like a 2 or 4 barrel carborator. I have a valve on my truck to pull
      Message 36 of 36 , Apr 30, 2012
        Troy, My experience with gasifiers in parallel is that they work fine if sized right just like a 2 or 4 barrel carborator. I have a valve on my truck to pull to suck off the second one when running two at the same time. Of course it's a pain to light and refill two but it works well. Mike LaRosa

        --- In WoodGas@yahoogroups.com, "Big Daddy" <bigdaddy@...> wrote:
        > Larry,
        > The workshop will be held in early June in the Murrieta area. I will send
        > you an exact date, time, and location once we finalize it. Also, we would be
        > thrilled to host a workshop on the mountain, if you can gather enough people
        > to attend. I'm not sure about permits yet, as we only have plans to fire
        > these up on private property. So perhaps you could do the leg work in that
        > regard.
        > Again, I want to emphasize that our design is based predominantly on
        > Stephen's Victoria, with a little GEK mixed in. How does the saying go?
        > Standing on the shoulder of giants. I also want to thank A. Olson for this
        > video playlist on a similar approach:
        > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23ZoP5ht-OQ
        > <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23ZoP5ht-OQ&list=UUZOZZBz9jPL37AdzjB-3V7g&in
        > dex=2&feature=plcp> &list=UUZOZZBz9jPL37AdzjB-3V7g&index=2&feature=plcp
        > We are currently exploring the idea of a multi-core reactor array, capable
        > of powering a 30+ kW gen-set. The idea being that if you only need 5-8 kWh,
        > simply fire up one core. Need more? Fire up multiple cores. This stems from
        > the notion that many users might have variable needs, own different size
        > generators, or need the gas flow/volume to be flexible. Our units will be
        > mounted on a trailer. It's either a mobile power station, or an extension of
        > your vehicle, for vehicular power.
        > Bottom line. If we are successful with a dual-core (planned for end of
        > Summer), then there is no reason a multi-core system would not work, thus
        > giving operators the flexibility to control (within reason) the gas flow.
        > Modularity is the key here.
        > Of course, this idea comes with many challenges. We've already been told
        > this can't be done. And I have not seen any attempt at this approach from
        > anyone (I've looked everywhere). If I missed a previous attempt, someone
        > please enlighten me. We obviously don't want to build multiple cyclones,
        > multiple bed filters, multiple ejectors, etc. The "shared" components of an
        > array may prove to be the biggest challenge. If you factor in all the
        > potential problems that can arise with just a single core, and multiply that
        > by [number], you can see what we may be facing. Difficult? Yes. Impossible?
        > I doubt it.
        > If we fail, then we can chalk this up to a great learning experience, and
        > simply repurpose the cores. No harm done. We'll simply move to a single core
        > with a much larger restriction zone (already proven design sans modularity).
        > We also have some design goodies that we are keeping under wraps for now,
        > but will be posting to the group once the prototype is complete.
        > Big Daddy
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