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Re: Wood Gas Demo Event

Luk, Me get trouble!?!?! Couldn't happen. Do you think I am playing with high voltages, poison gas, and 2500F temperatures or something? : ) Hopefully at
2:50 PM

Re: Wood Gas Demo Event

Stephen, Thanks for the invitation, but a little bit far away and also I have still 15 Ha to mow. Have a good show without too much demonstruction. Luk From:
Luk Vanhauwaert
12:09 PM

Wood Gas Demo Event

Hi Wood Gassers, Tomorrow I will be demoing the Gas Station Lite at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum. It is their "Heavy Metal" event. Here is their event
11:59 AM

Re: The "Grateless" DriZzleR gasifier. Cleanout

Hello group, We know industrial woodchips, be it chips, chipped in the woods, or chips chipped from woodscrap, contains dirt that can block the grate and that
Jul 30

Re: Today's experiment - off grid operation

Stephen, Brian, List. Both of you have good points, but I'll stick with Stephen on this one. The amount of energy used in the engine on petrol is far greater
Greg Manning
Jul 25

Re: Today's experiment - off grid operation

Absolutely you can do that. Batttery may actually be the most robust method because it is so easy to foul the small jets with soot. Even APL recommends using
Jul 25

Re: Today's experiment - off grid operation

Is there a good reason why you can't start on petrol and use the engine suction to warm up the gasifier, then wean it over? I'd always be looking at ways to
Brian Hughes
Jul 25

Today's experiment - off grid operation

Hi Wood Gassers, Today I tried to do a completely off grid start up of a gasifier and generator. It went very nicely! You can watch it here:
Jul 23

Re: Gasifier for sale or trade?

Hi Doug if you are talking emergency charging look into the charcoal gasifiers as well. A much easier build to start out and you can be up and running in
Jul 19

Re: Gasifier for sale or trade?

Kevin, Thank you for your response! If I were to build my own from scratch, it would definitely be with the guidance and possibly assistance of many on this
Doug Simpson
Jul 19

Re: Gasifier for sale or trade?

I do actually have an inverter. I could make that thing charge a battery bank and run the equip on the inverter. But the whole point is to get away from
Doug Simpson
Jul 19

Re: Gasifier for sale or trade?

Pete, The whole purpose of obtaining the Onan was to make it wood-gas powered. I didn't care whether or not the carb worked. All I need to work on it is the
Doug Simpson
Jul 19

Re: 30 gallon drum hearthless W.G. generator design...

He has videos on his youtube channel internationalsupply and he has a thread on the driveonwood.com site at the bottom of this thread.
Jul 19

30 gallon drum hearthless W.G. generator design...

I'm working on a newer idea as we speak... you can consider it hearthless, restrictionless... current test unit is in a 30 gallon drum with just one
Jul 18

Prime your gas lines!!

Hi Wood Gassers, Most of you know I recently threw my back out badly. Partly it was due to a poor set up at the Square Tail demo and the resulting excessive
Jul 17
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