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2134Rose Pouch Workshop at A&S

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    Apr 24 12:36 PM
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      Greetings -
      As mentioned at the meeting there will be a Rose Pouch Workshop at Kingdom A&S on Saturday. The objective is to create at least 5 Rose Pouches in the style that we do for the Western Queens.

      The workshop will cover the following:
      - overview of the styles of the rose pouches including colors, size, etc.
      - applique techniques including padding up
      - appropriate stitches for filling if this is the preferred style
      - creating sharp and defined edges for the petals and leaves
      - constructing the final pouch
      - additional detailing - drawstring, tassels, top edging, etc.

      The following materials will be provided:
      - floss if doing filling stitches
      - felt if doing applique
      - edging materials for each technique
      - background fabric
      - possibly lining fabric
      - some sewing thread

      Students will provide:
      - usual stitching materials including needles and scissors
      - $20 which will go to the WK Needleworkers Guild
      - a promise to return the pouch completed within 1 year
      - additional finishing materials

      The workshop will be held in my personal pavilion sunshade on Saturday from the beginning of 1st period until lunch.

      RSVPs are required!
      A minimum of 5 people need to sign up for this workshop to be a go.
      Please RSVP to me off list.

      If you want a "kit" but for some reason cannot attend this workshop or meet one of the requirements - talk to me off list.

      The instructions for making the pouch are in the yahoo files of this group. Pictures of some of the completed pouches are posted on our website. http://wkneedle.bayrose.org/index.html

      In Service,
      Sabrina de la Bere

      "So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."