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2130Rose Pouches for our Queens - Delivery Schedule

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    Mar 16, 2014
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      Below is the list of Due Dates and signups:

      Beltane (March Crown) - 2014

       Violante, Queen

      Margery Garret

      Purgatorio (June Crown) - 2014


      Alethia Elphinstone – delivered

      12th Night (Oct Crown) - 2015


      Katherine de Langelei

      Beltane (March Crown) - 2015



      Purgatorio (June Crown) - 2015



      The following individuals have promised pouches, but have been delayed: Lisa Masoni, Joan Silvertoppe, Siobhan MacElgin, Giovanna del Bello. 
      Please let me know of any updates on delivery etas.

      I will not be at Crown, so please contact me directly with any information and questions. 

      We have discussed doing a workshop to create pouches. Please let me know if you'd like to do this workshop - either over the summer on a weekend day at my home or at A&S (either all morning or afternoon). Workshop will include pattern, some materials, instruction on applique techniques, instructions for making the pouch itself, and ideas for decoration beyond the applique.

      We should be proud of ourselves. This program officially started with delivery of a pouch to Her Grace Cynswith at 12th Night 2003. We have never failed to deliver a pouch to a Queen; although a few have been delayed. I know that they are much appreciated and treasured.

      In Service,
      Sabrina de la Bere

      "So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."