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RE: [Witchwood] Cry No More at the Royal Oak

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  • Nigel Bennett
    What a palaver ! N ... From: Witchwood@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Witchwood@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Pete Bradley Sent: 31 October 2010 13:53 To: witchwood
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      What a palaver !


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      To say that Cry No More are unpredictable would require clarification.
      They are
      so unpredictable that you can predict that they'll do something
      unpredictable. Plaguirisng Donald Rumsfeld's 'known unknowns', there are
      predictable predictabilities, such as you can always predict that when
      you see
      Cry No More, you will have a fantastic evening, you will laugh heartily,
      will be blown away by Chas's bass, you will adore the songs and Roy will
      fail in
      his attempt not to swear; there's the predictable unpredictabilities,
      like the
      set list - even if you see the set list written down on the floor in
      front of
      Roy's feet, you still have no idea what song he'll play next; and then
      the unpredictable unpredictabilities: sometimes they'll do something so
      out of
      left field, you could never have seen it coming.

      Last Saturday's gig at the Royal Oak in Hampton Hill was a case in
      point. Cry No
      More almost always finish with Templar but on Saturday they opened with
      (apparently Chas's idea). In the closing bars of the song, Roy bade
      goodnight, thanked us all for coming, and told us all to drive home
      especially if we'd been drinking, in the same way that he normally does,
      they close with Templar.

      Again, at the start of the second set, they played Landslide, and then
      announced that that was it for the second set, and we could all go home,
      which point the audience broke in to a chorus of Elvis Presley's Wooden
      If there were people in the audience who hadn't seen Cry No More before
      must have wondered what on earth was going on.

      In fact, I think that there almost certainly were CNM virgins in the
      The pub was really packed, and there was actually a queue of people
      wanting to
      buy CDs at the interval One guy I noticed bought four CDs!

      What was far more unpredictable, was that throughout the whole
      performance, Roy
      did not do any of his spoken set pieces! None at all. No Barber Jim. No
      With Joan. No Sheep. No Hubert. No Ouch. No Kent. None of them. It was a

      completely musical evening.

      Oh Roy told plenty of funny stories, and he did do a couple of his
      chants, such as That's Life in Hollywood, and What a Palaver.

      Chas and Roy arrived on stage at nine o'clock, but only to sit down to
      work out
      the set list for the evening, (which naturally they didn't stick too).
      time they play there, the landlord panics as they always play past
      o'clock, so this time he had negotiated a half past eleven finish.
      Trouble is,
      the landlord made the mistake of telling Roy. Which meant that they
      actually finish till quarter to twelve.

      Set list was:

      That's Life In Hollywood
      Forgotten Now
      Hot Diggity Dog
      American TV Detective
      What A Palaver
      One Time
      Dear Mystical Man
      Keep Away From Me
      Lying In A Stranger's Bed
      Jenny Takes A First Look At Life

      The Gambler
      We Love You Chaswold
      Princess of Pain
      (Don't Make Me Listen to the) Radio
      On Holiday
      First Kiss
      Oh Sharon
      Sixties Baby
      I Love Roxy
      George's Bar
      Wooden Heart
      We Love You Chaswold

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