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  • oz_yogi
    Om Savitre Namaha Namaste AZ ... to Ooi!! in any case. ... by leela (play) and maya (illusion). This only happen with kala (time/space) and within the 3rd
    Message 1 of 41 , Nov 1, 2002
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      Om Savitre Namaha

      Namaste AZ

      >You're going to be OY here...oy! Lol.>>LOL - that's fine. I am used
      to Ooi!! in any case.

      > OY: Yes! certainly there are cycles of karma (samsara) perpertuated
      by leela (play) and maya (illusion). This only happen with kala
      (time/space) and within the 3rd dimensional world where time is
      constant. As you say one can go backwards, sort of spiritually
      degress in this process. The term I use for this .. " falling into
      further 'darkness'..">

      > AZ: I cant think of the words for it to save me but by what I meant
      above was the cycle of the jiva (soul/psyche) begins by 'going
      toward' the world and then the 'turning away from the world' giving
      up attachments and so forth. That is not to say that in the initial
      stages of the trying to let go some dont fall back because its very
      difficult to let go of some things.>
      Perhaps you mean "pratipaksa-bhavanam", a Patanjali Yogic technique
      for weakening or removing klesha used when experiencing bondage
      (badhane) due to vitarka (thoughts of violence, etc). As these 5
      kleshas [avidya (ignorance), asmita (I-am-ness, the sense of oneself
      as a concrete individual), raga (attraction), dvesha (aversion), and
      abhinivesha (clinging to life)] must be mastered before deeper level
      of meditation can take place, the jiva will have to endure
      the 'cycle' you decribed.

      > AZ: I meant the INO. I know of the men you mention here and I do
      like them better. I'd love to meet up with you and Shambhalanath but
      I'm in the US :-b Lokanath has a great site - definitely top form
      there! I congratulate Shambhalanath on his attitude because SOMEthing
      needs changing there.> I agree. DMK is one of the nicest guy I
      have 'met'. You know that his 'Modern Sex Magic' is a great resource
      for ceremonial magicians.

      > OY: We are microcosmic ITs'.

      > AZ: Well put :)> Thanks

      > OY: There is also the darker side to IT that we as moratal beings
      MUST confront. There is no escaping that.>
      > AZ: This is true and that is why I so love the tantrik tradition
      because it recognises that it's all the same and there is no divisive
      principle there.>
      Yes, absolutely. I was discussing some tantrik rituals and DMK made
      this interesting comment. I quote, "Fascinating. I have heard from
      some friends who have been to India that when you mention "Tantra"
      there, most people equate it not with sex (as here in the U.S.), but
      with "Witchcraft and Black Magic." What you saw certainly seems to go
      along with that." To me Tantra equates to Chaos Magic. This is why I
      believe that one should learn from many teachers and don't be tied
      down to any particular school of thoughts. I know this is hard for
      the fundi-witches!!.. but seriously all one can do is get to know the
      adi-guru. And once the aspirant enters the doorway of 'yoni', be it
      the sri-chakra format of 9 'yonis' or the kundalini method, there is
      passage way that can be very challenging. This is why mastering the
      kleshas is important. One who has mastered these by senses is called
      a nath (lord of the 5 senses). There are numerous pathways to
      these 'control of senses' within the yoga traditions. The Patanjali
      Yoga sutras is worth a serious look as it suggest many procedures to
      awaken the psychic powers (shakti) within one.

      > OY: The preya and pre-laya (dissolution) happens only in 'Time'
      within the 3rd dimension. 'Time slots' at the 4th allows jiva to
      enter any 'time-frames'. Technically one can be born into the past or
      the future. There are greater dept to this line of discussion which I
      dare not venture into at this stage.>
      > AZ: OK! This always puzzled me. Now I have a clue to explore
      further. Thanks :)>
      Please don't get me wrong I am quite happy to discuss these subjects
      but the level of complexity may bore most of the members in this
      list. However, I will suggest some serious options. In the Lalitha -
      Tirupathi Sundari sutras it is said in one stanza that, "From NOTHING
      comes Gods and Gods are absorbed into the NOTHING" . It is important
      that I make a clariication on the meaning of Gods within Tantrik
      concepts. God is both male and female. The 'source' is male and
      the 'power' is female. The soul is therefore a male-female= a deva.
      This differential is only for the 3rd dimension. The duality vanishes
      beyond Kala. Hence getting to know Kali as "Destroyer of Kala" via
      the 10 Maha-vidyas can help. The other process which I quite like and
      am pondering at present is the Sri-vidya traditions. Lokanath is the
      expert in this area and I understand that he is writing a book on
      that. One format of Sri-yantra is a 3 dimensional aspect of 9
      triangles. This is a very powerful tool in understanding the cosmos.
      There are others more complex to understand. DMK decribes this in one
      of his emails, I quote. " .. Another example is on the previous page
      where it is talking about the 10 red triangles. It says, "This is the
      inner ten-cornered figure which is presided over by the powers of
      protection. It then gives those ten powers, but it doesn't say which
      of them is associated with which triangle... " ... and... " In the
      space between the eight-edged figure and the inverted triangle are
      situated the dyudha devatas, the deities presiding over the weapons
      of the Divine Mother. The weapons are pasa noose, ankusa goad,
      ikusukodanda the sugar-cane bow and bana the five arrows." ... and "
      I have a source which gives the following Yoginis: Kamakarsini,
      Buddhyakarsini, Ahankarakarsini, Sparshakarsini, Rupakarsini,
      Rasakarsini, Ghandakarsini, Cittakarsini, Dhairyakarsini,
      Smrtyakarsini, Namakarsini, Namakarsini, Bijakarsini, Atmakarsini,
      Amrtakarsini, Sarirakarsini .. "

      You can see from this that this is a very complex subject to focus
      on. There is a SriVidya yahoogroup worth considering as they explore
      these area in detail.

      The other aspect worth discussing at this point is the mantra. Esp.
      the Gayatri which is associated with the Sri-Yantra. This mantra can
      also elevate the aspirant into the 'cosmos' and to gain first hand
      knowledge from the akashic records. You may know that there are 3
      aspects to Gayatri - I quote - Three forms of Gayatri- Three forms of
      Gayatri are shown as per the difference of morning, afternoon and
      evening. In the morning Gayatri is meditated in the form of virgin,
      Brahmaroopa. In the afternoon she is worshipped as a young lady and
      in the evening. She is worshipped as an old lady.

      I think I will leave it at that..

      > AZ: Again thanks for the clarification. Rather than having been
      born as everyone might it not be that we have thru the subtle senses
      and our akashic memories access to the whole of existence (past,
      present and future) and can therefore experience lives of others?
      Just a thought. We probably do experience life as every thing - every
      sort of creature and 'non-sentient' lifeform. I think it is
      Vimalananda (Aghori trilogy) who says that we need to go back and
      experience these 'lesser' lifeforms because they are purer and closer
      to the Source...like bacteria...through meditations. I dislike using
      the term 'non-sentient' because everything has some form of the
      universal consciousness (cit). I believe in soul-clusters myself -
      had too many examples of it not to do so.> Yes. the Aghoris are
      master adepts of vamamarga. They are true 'chaos magicians' Their
      tradition is very very old.


    • Tim Hartridge
      Hi Tish, Yeah Kylie s email account appears to have been hacked. I ll switch her settings for the time being until it s sorted. vinum sabbati, Tim Hartridge
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        Hi Tish,

        Yeah Kylie's email account appears to have been hacked. I'll switch
        her settings for the time being until it's sorted.

        vinum sabbati,
        Tim Hartridge <moderator>


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        > Anyone need some more Viagra *g*..
        > Obviously Kylie thinks we pagans need a helping hand with some
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