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  • Tricia Cooney
    Hi Nisaba, This is a vague answer (because I can t find the book at present), but somewhere I have a book called something like *Kundalini and the Chakras*
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2000
      Hi Nisaba,

      This is a vague answer (because I can't find the book at present), but
      somewhere I have a book called something like *Kundalini and the Chakras*
      (Llewelyn I think) which goes into exercises for working with the chakras,
      both to open them and close them, if they are too open, working with the
      energies through both the physical and the subtle bodies. Describing the
      characteristics of people who have this or that chakra too open or closed.

      I remember being fascinated by a bit in the book which said that bowing the
      head opened the devotional chakra. I'm sure Adyar would be able to help -
      The cover had a drawing of a man and a woman in lotus position facing each
      other with beams of light coming out of them ( I think I got it at Earth
      Magic in Penrith) The authors may have been from Brisbane?

      Got your pipe and deerstalker hat, Sherlock?



      ".Nisaba Merrieweather" wrote:

      > G'dday.
      > I have a qwertsion to ask.
      > My child does Karate-do. (Just got her Orange Belt - guess who's a Proud
      > Pagan Parent!) Over the time she's been going to the Karate studio, I've
      > got friendly with one of the Sensais there, Sensai Jason, who takes her
      > Friday class. Sensai Liz, who takes her Saturday class when we catch
      > Saturdays, is a little more ambivalent: her child is in my daughter's
      > class at school and the kids don't have an untroubled relationship. (For
      > Susan and anyone else who's interested in serious music, incidentally,
      > Gustav Mahler was her great-uncle and she still uses the Mahler name).
      > Sensai Jason is very young (by that, I mean under thirty or not much
      > older than thirty). He's been pretty serious about this Karate stuff for
      > a long time, and obviously, no matter how physical your trainer is,
      > you're eventually going to tap into spiritual stuff.
      > He's been asking me chakra-related questions.
      > Now, I'm in a bind, because Karate, which is his whole life, is
      > Japanese-oriented. I know nothing of Japanese beliefs regarding the
      > chakras, their issues, their colours. I *have* read the "Tibetan Book of
      > the Dead" (different to the Book of Living and Dying), and I find that
      > the colours that Westerners attribute to the chakras are different to
      > the colours Tibetans do: their system does not follow the colours
      > sequentially through the spectrum, and the issues they associate with
      > the chakras, the lower ones especially, are quite different to what we'd
      > normally discuss.
      > What books can I recommend him? In fact, even for our system of chakras,
      > what books do we have that specialise on it? I know I have tonnes of
      > material here - but it's all in the form of individual chapters and/or
      > passing comments in books that focus on other issues that are not of
      > primary interest to him.
      > I do not want to take him on as a student, however informal - I feel
      > compromised, seeing as how he's teaching my child.
      > I do want to help him find appropriate books, Japanese or Western
      > esoteric systems would be fine. I've already mentioned the Tibetan Book
      > of the Dead as a book that covers it in a very interesting and different
      > way, I need to offer him alternative material to look at, also.
      > He's a very nice young man.
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