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Re: Blood Red Moon; poetry in forward motion

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  • victoria_quinton
    Hi all, is bringing poetry and dreams to life something that could have been started in one of the eclipse cycles? Eclipses have a history; a starting and
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 1, 2007
      Hi all, is 'bringing poetry and dreams to life' something that
      could have been started in one of the eclipse cycles?

      Eclipses have a history; a starting and an ending.
      In 1988 a number of books relating to Australian history were published.
      Books, ideas, birdwatching were in my life at the time.
      One day maybe I will be a writer too.. some editors said they would
      miss my poetry, wit and icecream.

      The La Mama Poetica anthology was a vibrant lime green colour,
      published about that time.

      Some boycotted the launch of titles because the originally-intended
      guest was unable to show up.


      --- In WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com, "Sandra" <astrojazz@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kylie,
      > Tonight's 'blood red moon' as you call it, is only that due to the
      > forthcoming eclipse. The moon will turn reddish because of the natural
      > phenomena of a lunar eclipse; the solar light will be blocked for
      > awhile and most likely the dirt in the atmosphere will cause the moon
      > to look red. Therefore, the comment 'blood on the moon' and the
      > consequent fear.
      > Tonights' full moon is in the sign of Pisces and if you look back 19
      > years ago, or August 27, 1988 you will find there was a lunar eclipse
      > at that time close to the same degree in Pisces. So, the question is,
      > what were you doing 19 years ago? And what significance does it have
      > for you now? Eclipses have a history; a starting and an ending. This
      > particular lunar eclipse goes back to the 15th century.
      > Well, I can only answer for myself. Pisces rules the feet and lately I
      > seem to be having all kinds of problems with my feet. Added to that is
      > the discovery of an old pair of orthotics I had made for me a long time
      > ago. It wasn't until I sat down and worked it out, it was, you guessed
      > it, 19 years ago! Today, I've been walking around on those old
      > orthotics in a brand new pair of shoes, wondering about the
      > significance of tonights' eclipse. So, I guess you could say that
      > something of significance 19 years ago has now proved its worth to me.
      > Given that Pisces rules the feet does it not seem rather significant
      > that I found those orthotics on the same day as the eclipse in Pisces?
      > It does to me; but then, I am an astrologer and I guess I notice these
      > things.
      > Sandra Lacey
      > --- In WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com, "Kylie" <kjlbushchook@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > >
      > > Can someone please explain the significance of tonight's blood red
      > > moon? I feel it is about great change.
      > >
      > > Blessed be,
      > >
      > > Kylie.
      > >
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