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  • Caroline Tully
    So, its not just Witchcraft Magazine that has money (or whatever) problems... Here s some thouight provoking stuff about the demise of the US-based
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
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      So, its not just 'Witchcraft Magazine' that has money (or whatever)
      problems... Here's some thouight provoking stuff about the demise of the
      US-based Reclaiming Collective (Tradition)'s magazine which might be food
      for thought for Australian's thinking about Pagan magazines.

      I dunno.... I STILL like print on paper, it seems somehow more permanent
      than intertnet stuff....


      Subject: Reclaiming Quarterly - No Fall Issue

      Dear RQ subscribers,
      We're writing to let you know that the Fall issue of Reclaiming Quarterly
      has been delayed. This is difficult news to send to you as one of the people
      who has helped RQ keep publishing. Fortunately, RQ's delay does not mean the
      end of Reclaiming print publications. And we at RQ will work to see that
      subscribers receive all four issues that you paid for. However, we can't at
      this time say exactly when or what form those publications will take. Our
      plan is to publish RQ #99 this Winter, probably the only issue before the
      Spring 2006 Dandelion Gathering. Coming out of the Dandelion, we hope to
      have a better idea whether another community has a different vision for a
      Reclaiming magazine, whether the RQ cell should go on publishing occasional
      issues, or whether another idea altogether will emerge. What a new
      publication will look like, who will coordinate it, and even its name, these
      are open questions, to be discussed at the Spring 2006 Dandelion Gathering
      and beyond. They are questions for all of Reclaiming, not just the RQ cell
      or the Bay Area communities that have funded the current magazine. We hope
      you'll be part of this discussion, whatever form it takes.

      * * *
      In this letter we want to let you know the factors that went into our
      decision, and some of the possibilities for future print publications we at
      RQ see. The most immediate concern is financial. RQ continues to lose money
      at an unsustainable rate. The drain on the Bay Area communities has become
      impossible to continue. Appeals to other local communities have met with
      little income beyond the occasional Witchcamp ad. Two years ago, when we
      first experienced a serious cash-crunch, we wrote to our subscribers
      updating you on the state of the magazine, and asking your feedback via a
      questionnaire. We received back about 150 responses, a great cross-sampling
      of our readership. The responses were overwhelmingly positive regarding
      continued publication, even if it meant reducing the size of the magazine to
      save money. We followed with a couple of 32-page issues. And watched our
      subscription rate drop off the charts. In the past two years, at a time when
      the magazine needed to increase its subscriptions to survive, we have lost
      about a quarter of our readers. For this reason alone, we need to stop
      publishing quarterly. But there is a still more compelling reason, the
      magazine no longer serves the purposes for which it was established. When we
      launched RQ in 1997, the internet was still in its infancy. The Reclaiming
      elists, which today connect hundreds of people on a daily basis, were not
      yet in existence. And high-speed internet connections that could support
      photo-features were still a dream of the future. At that time, readers
      relied on RQ to learn about rituals and classes, Witchcamps, and other
      events. RQ was also the primary forum for internal discussions about the
      purpose and direction of the community. And our coverage of political
      activism was the primary source of grassroots news for most people.
      A decade later, none of this holds true. Class and ritual listings have long
      been usurped by Reclaiming's website, which is far more up-to-date.
      In addition, the most energetic and provocative discussions in Reclaiming
      happen not in print, but on the elists, where dozens of people can take
      part, and responses occur in a matter of hours, not months. Most of all,
      RQ's own website, with its immediate and photo-filled coverage of grassroots
      activism, has rendered the magazine's news-coverage outdated. These changes
      have helped create a dynamic international network of Reclaiming Witches.
      There is no doubt that Reclaiming is stronger for these developments. But
      for RQ, it has left us wondering what the purpose of a print publication is.

      * * *
      What could a Reclaiming magazine be? Should it carry reports of activism?
      Discussions of magic and Witchcraft? Debates on the best ways to change the
      world? What is it that print can do better than the internet? What
      print-content would be so vital that readers would be compelled to
      subscribe? Who is the magazine aimed at? Longtime Reclaimers, or folks who
      are just hearing of us for the first time? Folks in the most active regions,
      or those who are more geographically isolated? These are the issues facing
      anyone who wants to launch a new Reclaiming publication. We at RQ look
      forward to being part of these discussions, which we believe will arrive at
      a new vision of a Reclaiming magazine.
      In the meantime, we urge readers to find ways to connect to Reclaiming via
      the internet. Reclaiming elists and the RQ.org website carry vastly more
      content than the magazine could hope to publish. And it is all accessible
      from any public library or internet cafe. For now, we thank you for your
      support of RQ. Your contributions have made possible a unique and powerful
      voice of magic and activism. And with your ongoing support, we will see a
      new publication arise to take the place of the Quarterly............. etc,
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