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Re: [WitchesWorkshop] Another book for sale

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  • Jen
    Hi Frances I d be very interested in the book - let me know how much and include postage. Thanks Jen ... From: templelunanoir To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
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      Hi Frances

      I'd be very interested in the book - let me know how much and include

      Thanks Jen

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      Greetings All

      I thought I would post this here first before eBay - I have a brand
      new copy of Ly de Angeles' book "When I see the Wild God" for sale.
      It was bought for someone as a gift and, well let's just say, they
      aren't getting it now.

      For more details, email me privately or you can wait until I list it
      on eBay (possibly Sunday if no one wants it). The price is $30 (well
      that's how much it cost me to get it from the States) plus postage.

      Blessings - Frances


      Details about the book as follows:

      Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.59 x 8.98 x 6.24
      Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; (May 1, 2004)
      ISBN: 0738705764

      Editorial Review (Amazon)

      Book Description - When I See the Wild God
      Deepen your knowledge of the sacred mysteries ... enter the space
      where nothing begins and nothing ends ... reclaim your pagan
      heritage. A unique blend of witchcraft instruction, Celtic mythology,
      and urban fantasy, this work goes beyond ordinary witchcraft manuals.
      Ly de Angeles provides insight into the Celtic perspective of
      sacredness, and presents invocations, visualizations, and urban magic
      rituals for the equinoxes, solstices, and the four Fire Festivals.
      Other magical theory and practice explored in this handbook:

      Law of Three logos and mythos animism pantheism the Four Worlds death
      and timelessness the Elements shapeshifting Tuatha dé Danann the
      Quicken Tree Literary, eclectic, and infused with a masculine
      sensibility, When I See the Wild God is your guide to the Déithe and
      draíocht-the gods and magic that exist within and around you.

      One glowing review posted on Amazon (possibly from a SH reader)
      Those familiar with the writings of Ly de Angeles will not be
      surprised at the depth and thought provoking style found within the
      pages of "When I See the Wild God". It is just what we have come to
      expect of this unique Lady, Witch and High Priestess. Those who have
      yet to experience the writings of this Australian author, are in for
      a life changing experience. Ly de Angeles aims her words at those who
      think and question, those who challenge and those who walk their own
      path and to their own tune.

      "When I See the Wild God" celebrates the sacred masculine; that which
      is powerful, raunchy, honourable & strong in both male and female. It
      would be a mistake to say that this book is only about "the God", for
      the Goddess strides through these pages too. The focus however is as
      the title suggests, upon The Wild God. Readers, both male & female
      who celebrate the masculine along with the feminine will have a sense
      that at last, the God of the witches has been given the attention he
      deserves. Those, who for whatever reason have yet to experience the
      heady embrace of The Wild God, will come to realise that they have
      only been enjoying about 50% of what witchcraft and paganism has to

      The novice will find within the pages of this book, enough practical
      advice to help them start along the path of their sacred journey. The
      more adept will be carried to new levels of understanding and ever
      unfolding wonder.

      One of the things that make this book unique, is Ly de Angeles' way
      of bringing the Deithe (the Gods) to you... right to your front door.
      You will never again think of the Gods as being remote, unreachable
      on some other plane, or anchored in the country of your distant
      ancestors. You will come to understand that the Gods of your heart
      are with you, regardless of whether you walk the misty shores, the
      dry deserts, the dense scrublands, the urban sprawl of your hometown,
      or the chaos of the large city. You will find yourself looking out
      for them, wherever you are.

      From an Australian readers point of view, it is always a rare treat
      to find books that acknowledge the fact that people actually live in
      the Southern Hemisphere, let alone witches and pagans that often feel
      completely ignored by other authors. The sections with a truly
      Australian flavour will delight local and international readers alike
      and invoke some good belly laughs along the way.

      "When I See the Wild God" and "Witchcraft Theory and Practice" are
      without doubt my two most treasured books on the subject of
      witchcraft. They offer something that I have yet to find in any other

      Just get them!


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