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  • Mark Stewart
    P . A . G . A . N . FRIDAY 21/4/2000 - TUESDAY 25/4/2000 Pagan Autumn Gathering and Network (EASTER & ANZAC DAY
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
      P . A . G . A . N . FRIDAY
      21/4/2000 - TUESDAY 25/4/2000
      Pagan Autumn Gathering and Network

      VIC. PAGAN- P.O. BOX 254
      WEBSITE - http://www.ozpagan.com/euphoria EMAIL - vicpagan@...
      PHONE - 0416 078 613

      EUPHORIA 2000
      I N T O T H E U N K N O W N

      I N F O R M A T I O N

      H O W T O G E T T H E R E

      EUPHORIA 2000 will be held on 96 acres of bushland, approximately 45 mins.
      north east of Melbourne Victoria; the exact location and travel details,
      including public transport will be available on receipt of registration.

      A C C O M M O D A T I O N

      There are 2 accommodation options:

      1. Cabin accomodation - 1 cabin with 16 beds and 9 cabins with 6 beds.

      2. Camp sites are also available.

      There is a toilet and shower block adjacent to the campsites and another to
      service the cabins.

      C A T E R I N G

      All the main meals will be catered i.e. evening meal Friday, breakfast,
      lunch and dinner Saturday, Sunday and Monday;, breakfast and lunch only on
      Tuesday. All meals are vegetarian and organic. Teas and coffee will be
      available throughout the day.

      A self catering option is offered to campers only.

      W H A T T O B R I N G

      A sense of fun, ritual robes, drums and other musical instruments, chants,
      songs and stories.

      Eating utensils for each person eg. Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork and Spoon.
      A pillow, sheets and blankets for each person.
      Campers will need to bring their own shelter .
      If taking the Self Catering option you will need to provide your own cooking
      gear (Fires are only allowed in designated Fire Places).

      W H A T T O T A K E H O M E

      As earth- honouring folk we respect the beauty and health of our enviroment.
      Therefore all rubbish generated during your stay must be taken home and
      disposed of responsibly. We wish to leave the site in as good or better
      condition as we found it.

      We hope everyone can take home great memories, fresh insights, skills, new
      contacts and as much magick as you need!

      F I R E S A F E T Y

      An extreme degree of fire safety is necessary for the duration of the
      festival. There will be a �fire code of conduct� posted at the notice board
      . This must be understood fully before the lighting of any fires, including
      play fires such as with fire sticks, chains, etc.

      R I T U A L S , W O R K S H O P S A N D A C T I V I T I E S

      The theme of EUPHORIA 2000 is �into the unknown� and several of the rituals
      being performed at the gathering represent a descent into and return from
      the underworld. Other rituals will show the lighter face of Pagan magick
      and Magick through the eyes of a child. There will also be various
      workshops and activities presented by those attending Euphoria 2000, some of
      these are: drumming, body ochre painting, magickal herbalism, astrology,
      magick, principles of ritual for beginners, kids activities, mask making,
      fairies, chanting and more. If you would like to offer a workshop or
      activity or talk please let us know when you register.

      W H A T Y O U M I G H T E X P E C T A T A N Y P A G A N G A T
      H E R I N G
      ( This article is reproduced with the permission of C.A.W. Australia, P.O.
      Box 238, Fairy Meadow,N.S.W. 2519.)

      Do read the information provided by the gathering organisers. Do pack
      everything recommended. These folks know what is available on site and what
      isn�t. Don�t forget the SUNSCREEN & INSECT REPELLENT. Pagan events are
      often at wooded sites & held during the summer. It gets hot and the bugs
      are everywhere.

      When you first arrive at the gathering site, look around. Find the toilet
      and shower facilities. Find the Hospitality Station. Make sure your
      children know how to find these places too. Make sure your children know
      where you are camped. Label the little ones who might wander off and get
      lost. Tape or pin something to the back of the child�s shirt with your name
      and camping location. That way if they do get lost, someone can help them
      find their way back to you.

      C H I L D R E N

      Don�t expect the children�s activities to provide a non-stop baby-sitting
      service. If your child needs supervision, expect to give it to him/her. If
      you are unable or unwilling to supervise your child, bring along a PAID

      D R E S S I N G A N D U N D R E S S

      Do expect to see things you wouldn�t see on the street. Many of us take
      advantage of the security provided by being with our pagan families to dress
      or undress in ways we would not dare do at home. If it bothers you, don�t
      look. If you do bring children with you, tell them what to expect. If your
      children have never been exposed to nude or oddly dressed people, tell them
      about it in advance.

      D O N OT

      Bringing illegal substances to public gatherings is a good way to get us all
      in trouble. It only takes one person getting busted for drugs to pour oil
      on the fires of those who would discredit us. Protect yourself, your family
      and friends and the rest of the pagan community. Where drink is involved,
      remember that many pagans are in recovery. Not everyone wants to drink, can
      drink, or is comfortable with others� drinking.

      A C T I V I T I E S

      Do remember that pagans follow varied paths. The workshops and rituals
      offered are coming from different traditions and may not be to your taste.
      If you are uncomfortable with something being done in a workshop or ritual,
      excuse yourself and leave. Some activities may be directed at women only or
      men only. Don�t get put out because you are not allowed to attend a ritual
      or workshop specifically planned for the opposite sex. That�s just the way
      it is folks. Some activities may be sexual in nature (rare, but I have seen
      them). If this bothers you, don�t go! The presenter will not be offended
      if you don�t show up. He or she will probably make sure everyone attending
      is of legal age. (So if your teen gets miffed at being tossed out of a
      workshop on Tantric magic, tell them to relax and wait a few years.)

      S E C U R I T Y A N D S A F E T Y

      Don�t expect gathering security to be everywhere. Be a good neighbour. If
      you see something suspicious going on, investigate. Report it to the
      organisers. Do the same thing you would do if you saw something suspicious
      in your neighbourhood. Remember personal safety: watch out for campfires,
      fire pits, tent stakes, sharp rocks, too much sun, stinging weeds, stinging
      insects, snakes etc. Just because we�re in a magickal space, doesn�t mean
      the real world is gone. Rocks, bugs and plants are natural and magickal.
      Magickal people can do dumb things. If you see your neighbour doing
      something dumb, like leaving valuables lying around unprotected, mention it
      to him/her. Just because you�re at a pagan gathering does not give you
      permission to put away your common sense.

      Gatherings of any kind are going to attract some people that don�t fit in
      with the group. If they are pleasant but confused, help them out. If they
      are hostile and confused, offer to help them understand. But if they are
      acting in ways that can lead to problems for others, point them out to the
      gathering organisers so they can deal with them before something bad

      P E R S O N A L B E L O N G I N G S

      Many people bring their personal ritual tools or drums to gatherings. Some
      of these items are specially consecrated tools which have never been handled
      by any other person. Please respect this. If you see something
      interesting, elegant, or just plain pretty sitting

      about in someone�s area, ask permission before you examine it. Be prepared
      to be gracious if the owner declines.

      Also a word on photography and videos. Sharing photographs or videos with
      your friends can be lots of fun, but don�t allow your enthusiasm to overcome
      your sense of courtesy. Ask permission of every single person who will be
      in any picture before shooting. If in a ritual, ask permission before the
      ritual space is established. Recording or photographing large rituals from
      outside the ritual space is downright rude. Finally, understand that people
      who are enjoying the clothing-optional space may not appreciate being
      photographed at all. Consider this advice seriously, because your privilege
      to photograph ends when it impinges on other people�s privacy. Event
      organisers really don�t like having to deal with the complaints which result
      from discourteous shutterbugging.

      A N D S O . . .

      What all this boils down to is this: When you pack your ritual tools and
      clothes with your camping gear and head for your first (or twentieth) pagan
      gathering, don�t forget to pack your common sense and courtesy along with
      you. Follow standard safety rules, take care of yourself and your children
      and be aware of what�s going on around you. Above all, remember that if we
      all respect each other�s space and take care of ourselves, the only thing
      left to do is ENJOY!

      (Adapted for CAW Australia from an article by Anahita (with Surrain) -
      anahita@... Sept 97.)

      C O D E O F C O N D U C T

      In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants it
      is requested that all persons attending Euphoria 2000 be aware of and comply
      with the following code of conduct :

      People from many different paths and traditions will be attending the
      gathering, some will have their children with them. Everyone is expected to
      be responsible for their own good conduct and to behave in a considerate
      and caring manner to others.

      Sexual harassment, physical harassment, theft, vandalism and other harmful
      conduct will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave the site
      immediately and other action may follow. Everyone has the right to
      experience the gathering free from such abuse; if you feel unsafe,
      threatened or unsure or if you need someone to talk to or to ask questions
      of, please see any of the gathering organisers (they will introduce
      themselves at the opening rite).

      Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated. Any problems must be brought
      to the organisers attention. Taking part in any ritual or workshop with the
      presence of mood altering substances in your system ( including alcohol) is
      not only highly disrespectful but also forbidden.

      H EC AT E S A LT A R

      Bearing in mind the theme of the weekend - the celebration of the Autumn
      season and reflection on the shadow realm - all participants are invited
      to bring an offering to the altar of Hecate to represent that which you
      would like empowered or made clearer over the course of the weekend. It
      could be a part of yourself you wish to be strengthened or a behaviour or
      habit you wish to banish. It could represent your desire to deepen and
      explore an inner mystery, or simply to bring you a better understanding of
      magic. You may wish to bring a statue or crystal or any smallish object to
      be energised .

      T H E R I T U A L S

      Friday night - Welcoming ritual, greeting the spirits of the land,
      dedication of Hecate Altar, singing, dancing and chanting. (Bring your
      instruments, voices and songs)

      Saturday night - N.O.X. rite, enter the underworld with ritual, vision,
      dance and trance.

      Sunday night - BAPHOMET rite, reclaim your wild self as you dance with the
      old Gods in
      this archetypal �WITCHES� revel.

      Monday night - EARTH HARMONY rite, we return from the underworld bearing
      gifts of
      inspiration and magick to weave our spell of love
      and harmony upon earth.

      Tuesday - CLOSING rite, thanks-giving and farewell.

      Sunset Daily - Rituals created at the EUPHORIA 2000 gathering, by the

      O T H E R C E L E B R A T I O N S ! ! !

      On Saturday night after dinner and before the N.O.X. rite there will be a
      Cabaret/Karaoke -style show. Anyone with an entertaining song, dance or
      performance (comic or serious) is most welcome to try out. More about this
      closer to the time - details will be available on the notice board in the
      dining room on Friday.
      On Sunday night there will be more drumming and chanting. Body ochre�s will
      be available for the participants in the BAPHOMET rite who wish to �mud up�
      for the rite.
      Monday night - dancing to live music after the ritual

      P A R E N T S O F C H I L D R E N P L E A S E N O T E

      It is hoped we will have a child minding centre from Saturday to Monday
      inclusive where children (3 yrs old and up, toilet trained) can be cared for
      and entertained so parents can attend workshops and/or rituals. (Depending
      on demand it is possible we could have a children�s dorm at night with 1 or
      2 parents babysitting for everyone else)> Sound too good to be true? It
      is! The catch is that if you would like your child/ren minded then you have
      to be available yourself to be rostered as a minder at some stage. We
      intend to provide minders ourselves for the Saturday morning while parents
      work out which rituals or workshops they would like to attend and when they
      would be available to do some minding themselves. All festival information
      (Kids roster, kitchen roster, workship and ritual timetables, fire safety
      etc) will be up on the noticeboard in the dining room.

      W O R K S H O P S

      Anyone interested in offering a workshop please send a brief outline
      including approximate duration and any special requirements or conditions,
      such as minimum age, pen and paper, nudity,womens or mens workshops,
      physical exertion etc.

      Hoping to see you at EUPHORIA 2000 Blessed Be!

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