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Fw: [WisCats] need feedback on feral shelters

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      Subject: FW: [WisCats] need feedback on feral shelters
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      Stacy:  I don’t have experience with building a house from scratch but I have a colony of 25 that I provide for year round.  I have picked up multiple dog houses from free cycle in my area(goggle the website address).  I have also looked on Craig’s list for low cost dog houses.  I usually use Styrofoam in the bottom (typically from packages) and then straw and then cardboard.  I use the chopped straw from Stein Garden Center.  You can use the emergency blankets which are very inexpensive to also generate their body heat.  I also use sleeping bags as well but I do check the dog houses periodically to make sure they are not wet.  I also use heated water bowls because it seems like the cats really drink more water in the winter.  I would make sure you have a lot of straw so they can nestle in it.  There are some good techniques/directions on housing on ally cat allies.  Make sure the shelter is out of the elements as best as you can.  I live in the city and I am still trying to time the raccoon and possums in my area with retrospect of the food.  Good luck and do the best you can!
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      Subject: [WisCats] need feedback on feral shelters
      Hi - does anyone have any experience with building a feral shelter/ I bought one from http://www.thekittytube.com/ for my 3 ferals I feed. I feed them on someone else's wooded lot so I don't have the liberty to heat it or put it wherever I want to locate it. I was wondering if you had any feedback on this shelter or the type you make yourself out of rubbermaid, boxes, styrofoam containers etc. I'll need to make another one because I don't think all 3 cats will fit in the one shelter and the two girls don't really hang around with the male cat. I'm crossing my fingers the skunks stay out of it, we have quite a few skunks in the area. The kitty tube comes lined with hay.

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