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A few updates from Alley Cat Allies

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  • feralcatpower
    Good afternoon, WisCats! I ve got a few updates for everyone about what s been going on lately at Alley Cat Allies. I wanted to share this with everyone so
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2010

      Good afternoon, WisCats! I've got a few updates for everyone about what's been going on lately at Alley Cat Allies. I wanted to share this with everyone so that we can all stay on top of what's going on in communities across the country.

      • First up: Brevard County, Florida.  Alley Cat Allies told Brevard County to keep its successful Trap-Neuter-Return in place. We urged the Brevard County Commissioner to reconsider new guidelines for feral cat colonies. TNR has been working in Brevard County for 11 years!  The new guidelines would restrict caregivers from registering new colonies on public lands or on properties not owned by the caregivers. These changes would make TNR more complicated and restrictive—hurting the good that's being done for the cats and the community. Read the Press Release.
      • Alley Cat Allies also heard that the Riverbank, California City Council began considering policies that could prevent people from caring for outdoor cats. I know that you all know Trap-Neuter-Return is the effective, humane approach to feral cats, so we need your help to convince Riverbank that Trap-Neuter-Return is the way to go! If you know anyone in the Riverbank area, tell them to Take Action! 
      • It turns out that something similar is happening in Yuma, Arizona. City Council Members are considering harmful policies that would interfere with Trap-Neuter-Return, putting feral cats' lives at risk. A lot of communities think that ordinances for feral cats are good solutions, but in reality, ordinances are the wrong approach—they're cruel, difficult to enforce, and waste taxpayer money on punishing Good Samaritan caregivers.  Instead, we think Yuma should embrace Trap-Neuter-Return efforts already underway. TNR is the effective, humane approach to feral cats and will benefit the community at large. If you know anyone who lives in Yuma,  help us tell Yuma, AZ: Say No to Ordinances, Yes to TNR!

      Riverbank, Brevard County, and Yuma might not be in your backyard, but I wanted to let everyone know what's been going on, and encourage you to learn more about how to Change Your Community.  There's always room to grow!


      Alley Cat Allies

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