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Re: [WisCats] Re: New to the group looking for a bit of information

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  • Laycock Designs
    I have to agree with Pam on this one. 40 minutes to hours away.... I used to drive 45 minutes to get to work in the morning and 45 minutes to get home Every
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 28, 2010
      I have to agree with Pam on this one.
      40 minutes to hours away....

      I used to drive 45 minutes to get to work in the morning and 45
      minutes to get home Every Day and I did this for 13 years!!!

      In fact, every Saturday and Sunday I drive a car full of foster
      kitties to Kenosha Petco in the morning and then pick them up at 5pm.
      It's a 45 minute drive down there and another 45 back.

      I don't even blink an eye about it.

      Take advantage of that offer for transportation and take action!!

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      On Jul 28, 2010, at 8:15 PM, Pam Norman wrote:

      > If you have offers for transport in order to get the cats TNR'd, I'd
      > jump on it. And you mention "places" being "40 mins to hours away."
      > Heck, 40 minutes or even a hour or so is nothing! Well worth it. I
      > am in
      > Spring Green & we participate in montly spayathons in Madison & in
      > March, we had a woman bring 19 cats in from Prairie due Chien. It took
      > her 2 hours to get to Madison with all those cats in crates in her
      > car.
      > The same woman subsequently brought 24 kittens to Madison for
      > adoption.
      > If the resource is there, get there by hook or by crook & if you've
      > got
      > transport help, that's terrific!
      > Pam in Spring Green
      > drgnflybelle wrote:
      >> Thanks everyone for all the responses, I have had limited success in
      >> posting on groups before so it is really wonderful that so many of
      >> you
      >> took the time to respond to me.
      >> I have been discussing TNR with my parents for awhile unfortunately
      >> things had come up (layoffs, broken cars, family in hospital ect, you
      >> know murphy's law) so TNR was still being researched but not on the
      >> front burner. My mom is all for TNR my dad on the other hand doesn't
      >> understand why he should pay to get cats spayed/neutered when they
      >> aren't ours they were someone elses. I have had many long discussions
      >> with him about it and done research about it so basically I think he
      >> is going along with some of what I say just to stop my research from
      >> coming at him.
      >> And thank you so much for the offer of helping transport! That is
      >> really very kind. We were sitting here trying to figure out how we
      >> would get all those traps in the car. It isn't always easy for my dad
      >> to accept help but I think we really do need it.
      >> I have called and emailed listings that tell you which programs
      >> are in
      >> your area, as well as individual rescues and I have checked the alley
      >> cat website. Unfortunately we seem to be in an empty area, most
      >> places
      >> are 40min to hours away. There really is almost nothing out here, we
      >> do have a horse and dog only rescues nearby though. That does not
      >> quite help the situation. We live right outside of Kiel I don't know
      >> if any of you know where that is.
      >> I had discussed maybe taking them out of state because some states
      >> have cheaper programs but with the amount it would cost to transport
      >> everyone out of state, well we basically would be spending the same
      >> amount of money anyways.
      >> I think I am just going into a little bit of a panic mode. We weren't
      >> expecting all these cats to just show up. I really want to do TNR and
      >> I am afraid if we wait to long we will have more cats here then we
      >> can
      >> handle. I have been forbidden from bringing any more cats in the
      >> house
      >> -.-. I have already adopted 4 :( one I sadly lost because she was on
      >> medication that ultimately killed her liver :(. We changed vets
      >> halfway through the treatment and our second vet is absolutely
      >> wonderful and we will stick with from now on. All the kittens that I
      >> have been able to socialize have found wonderful homes with people we
      >> know and trust or with friends of people we know and trust.
      >> Unfortunately we have reached the end of the list of people we know
      >> who can have cats.
      >> So again thank you all so much and if you think of anything else let
      >> me know. Even if its just a way to get my dad more on board! I am
      >> just
      >> trying not to get to anxious about it. I guess my other fear is that
      >> the lady might start feeding the cats again up the road and they
      >> won't
      >> be down here for me to trap them and then in a few months the problem
      >> will start over again. She is a very sweet lady on the older side,
      >> and
      >> I understand she is going through a lot at home. But something does
      >> need to get done. So again THANK YOU ALL. I will keep you updated on
      >> the situation.
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