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Re: [WisCats] Re: portable air conditioner

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  • Elspeth O Vanin
    Marsha, If you decide to adopt another FeLV cat so Milkdud won t be alone, I know of three FeLV cats in need of a home ASAP. I rescued two of them and they
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      If you decide to adopt another FeLV cat so Milkdud won't be alone, I know of three FeLV cats in need of a home ASAP.  I rescued two of them and they are both males.  One is about 8 to 10 months old and the other is a year old.  They are both all black.  They are very energetic and love to play. Very sweet cats.  The other cat is also a male - age- I am guessing at least 4 or 5 years old - I doubt he is older than 7.  He loves affection from people and loves attention. He is also black with some white coloring.  If you are interested, email me.


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            Hi Marsha,
            Those are great ideas... will check into the cooling mats.    No windows however.  That's the main problem.  
            Just a thought here for Milkdud.   Did you ever consider getting another FeLV positive cat.  I know there are places that rescue them and put them up for adoption to people willing to take them.   That way he'd have a playmate.   
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      What about cooling mats?
      http://cozywinters. com/pets/ cooling-pet- beds.html

      Not sure about the garage door, but mine has small "permanent" windows up high, which I have now figured out I can remove by unscrewing 8 screws. I bought a window screen frame kit, screen, and a spline tool, so I can make a screen to replace the windows for the summer. So far the summer was cool around here, but I think that is ending. I have 1 FeLV positive kitty out there, "Milkdud". So far he has done fine laying on the cold cement when it gets too hot (sounds bad, but he rolls around on it with a happy look...), and then at night the cool temps have brought greater relief. But now I am working on a couple of things for the hotter temps to come, like what I have already mentioned. Other things I am considering involve cutting holes and cost a lot more, like the air conditioner idea, or just putting a pet door in the side, with an outdoor shaded enclosure. Maybe a kiddie (or doggie) pool lined with bags of ice (not filled with water).

      BTW, he stayed warm this winter in 2 heated beds, a kitty-sized sleeping bag in case he got too warm, a crate lined with faux fleece, a long van seat draped with a blanket, and a pop-open camp chair (his favorite judging by the amount of hair it accumulates! ) He has a heated water bowl and of course some toys also. Two litter boxes. Three or four days a week, he gets an hour of lap time and hand rasslin' time. I put on painter's Tyvek coveralls and string gloves, and use antibacterial wipes before going back in the house to the other cats. I leave my boots in the quarantine buffer, which consists of 3 dog kennel panels (with gate), which surrounds the entrance door to the house. The cats in the house are vaccinated against FeLV. For briefer feeding and litter-scooping visits, I skip the coveralls.

      So far Milkdud seems happy and hasn't had any health problems, other than getting fat! I am scheduling a wellness checkup at the end of this month, and plan on every 6 months. My vet said the average he's seen for FeLV+ cats is 2 or 3 good years, but is highly variable. I always worry about Milkdud being bored or lonesome, and try to come up with new things for him. Last week, I put a ladder next to the garage door, so he can climb up and look out the window. I'm not sure if he's tried it yet.


      Denise Marg wrote:
      > Cat fanciers,
      > Dawn has made numerous pleas for help getting four cats adopted that she is housing in a garage and isn't having any luck. If they go to a shelter they will likely be euthanized.. .she is in need of a portable air conditioner to put in the garage to give the four cats comfort in the heat...does anyone have one to donate to her or is anyone willing to help Dawn towards the $250 she needs to purchase one? Dawn can be reached at the following email address: animalrescuerscare@ gmail.com

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