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  • E. O'Vanin
    I am sending the information you requested on the Questionnaire.   1.) How many feral/stray cats are you presently involved in caring for (other than you own
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2009
      I am sending the information you requested on the Questionnaire.
      1.) How many feral/stray cats are you presently involved in caring for (other than you own pet cats).  Two cats are still at the site.  I caught three cats that I have been socializing for about one year. They are now at a shelter.  One cat was taken under false pretenses by a former "caregiver" in January.  Two are missing; one went missing in April, the other in July.  Don't know if this woman also stole these two cats of if something else happened to them. I have to catch the two females because the property management company will not continue to let me have access to one of the properties because some of the neighbors are complaining and calling the police on me.  I have to trap or net these two remaining cats ASAP.

      2.)  How long have you been caring for the colon(y/ies) you're now
      involved with? Since September 2008.

      3.) How many of them are spayed or neutered?  One female was spayed; the other female is not. 
      4.) How much experience do you have with TNR and using the humane traps?  Been trapping since 2006.

      5.)  How many of the cats you're now caring for have been born in
      your colon(y/ies) since you've been feeding them?  Three litters were born at these shelter sites; Ten kittens were rescued for adoption.  Some of them did not make it. 

      6.)  What do you feed your colony cats, and do you also provide fresh water?  I feed dry and canned food and put out fresh water every day.

      7.)  Where do you usually get your cat food?  Do you pay full price,
      or do you get a price break or donated cat food?  Pet Supplies Plus, Pick and Save (on sale) and donations from people who saw my flyer. 

      9.)  Do you have a problem with raccoons or other animals coming to
      eat the cats' food?  (Have you found any useful ways of dealing with
      this?  Please share!)   I try to feed earlier in the day when I can so the cats get more of the food.
      10.)  Do you provide any form of shelter for your colony cats?  If
      so, what?  (new & interesting ideas are always welcome) I have rubbermaid plastic shelters with hay that are in garages. These are just storage containers with a small cat door cut out with a box cutter.

      11.)  How many kittens (if any!) do you expect to be born in your
      colon(y/ies) this kitten season? The one female that needs to be spayed did not look pregnant, so I am not expecting any kittens now. I am still trying to trap this female!

      12.)   How/where have you been getting the cats spay/neutered?
      (private vet, feral cat clinic, Humane Society program, etc.) WHS-Milwaukee

      13.)  Is “Eartipping” an essential part of your TNR routine?  Yes

      14.)  How much have you typically been paying for spay/neuter
      & etc.?  What does the "etc." include (testing for leukemia & FIV,
      Rabies & FVRCP vaccination, leukemia vaccination, worming,
      flea treatment, ear mite treatment, eartipping, etc.) for the price?  There is no fee unless you bring in a smaller number of cats.  WHS changed it's policy- I think you have to pay a fee if you bring in more than 7 or 8 cats (unsure if it is per year or a total count of all the cats you bring in since you joined the TNR program).  Cats brought in for the spay/neuter surgery get a rabies and distemper shot at the WHS clinic.

      16.)  Do you also keep your own records of each TNR,
      or do you leave that to your vet? I try to keep records of the date they were brought to the WHS for surgery

      17.)  Where geographically are you located?  (nearest reasonable-
      sized city, state)  Milwaukee

      18.)  Are you in an urban, rural, or suburban environment? Urban

      19.)  How long have you been involved in cat rescue?  How long with
      feral cats I have been involved in cat rescue for several years.

      21.)  Do you have contact with other cat rescue/feral cat TNR people
      in your geographic area for mutual help and support?  I do - it is still difficult to find people who will help.

      22.)  What do you do when a cat in your colon(y/ies) gets sick or
      injured?  Take the cat to WHS or another vet recommended by another cat rescue person

      23.)  Although it is very important to stay current with your
      tetanus vaccination, have you ever considered getting a
      “preventative” rabies vaccination (or have gotten this already)?  No- I have to look into that

      24.)  How many "pet cats" do you have (as opposed to your colony
      cats) are they a pure breed, pound kitty, stray, tamed feral. 
      In other words, what’s your kitties’ story? I have two cats who I rescued- both are tamed ferals.

      Thank you for sharing!
      sted in the Questionnaire.

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