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Re: [WisCats] New Member Questionaire

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    Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Many of these questions come from Yahoo group feralcats and I thought it was a great idea. It is an
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28 6:54 PM

      Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire.  Many of these questions

      come from Yahoo group “feralcats” and I thought it was a great idea. It is an

      easy way for the group to get to know each other, and your feline experiences. 

      Don’t feel obligated to answer all the questions, only the ones you choose.  

      In order to answer the questions and reply, you will need to copy and paste this,

      as though you were posting a message.

      1.) How many feral/stray cats are you presently involved in caring for?

      (other than your own pet cats) 


      About 50 - mostly strays.  Very few ferals.


      2.)  How long have you been caring for the colon(y/ies) you're now
      involved with?  


      2 years

      3.) How many of them are spayed or neutered?  


      ALL, except kittens under 3 pounds.

      .) How much experience do you have with TNR and using the humane traps?


      Not much, but we've been successful using traps, especially after reading

      "Community Approaches to Feral Cats" by HSUS


      5.)  How many of the cats you're now caring for have been born in
      your colon(y/ies) since you've been feeding them? 


      10 kittens born to cats that came to us pregnant.


      6.)  What do you feed your colony cats, and do you also provide fresh water? 


      We buy Dick Van Patton's Natural Balance and mix donated food with it.


      7.)  Where do you usually get your cat food?  Do you pay full price,
      or do you get a price break or donated cat food? 


      We get Natural Balance from our local Petco Store.  They give us a 20% discount.  We pick up donated food from Certco, a Shurfine distribution center, every 2 weeks.  We also

      pick up 7-9,000 small cans of donated Fancy Feast from Nestle Purina whenever we need it.



       8.)  How often do you feed your colony cats? Approximately what time
      of day? 


      Morning and Evening.


      9.)  Do you have a problem with raccoons or other animals coming to
      eat the cats' food?  (Have you found any useful ways of dealing with
      this?  Please share!) 


      Coons and possums.  I'm hoping to trap and relocate them.


      10.)  Do you provide any form of shelter for your colony cats?  If
      so, what?  (new & interesting ideas are always welcome)


      Most are in our home (plans are underway to remodel an existing building

      on our property to home them.  Some cats stay in the building now, which

      is uninsulated/unheated.  For winter protection, we make small shelters using

      wood and leftover insulation from garage doors.  They go into the opening and have to

      turn a corner to get inside.  That way no snow, rain or wind can get inside.

      11.)  How many kittens (if any!) do you expect to be born in your
      colon(y/ies) this kitten season?




      12.   How/where have you been getting the cats spay/neutered?
      (private vet, feral cat clinic, Humane Society program, etc.) 


      Private vet.

      13.)  Is “Eartipping” an essential part of your TNR routine?


      Not yet.

      14.)  How much have you typically been paying for spay/neuter

      & etc.?  What does the "etc." include (testing for leukemia & FIV,
      Rabies & FVRCP vaccination, leukemia vaccination, worming,

      flea treatment, ear mite treatment, eartipping, etc.) for the price? 


      Our vet charges $85 to test for FIV/FeLV, spay/neuter and Rabies.

      We do the deworming, flea and earmite treatment, and Distemper

      vaccinations with products purchased on-line.


      15.)  Are you paying out of your own pocket for spay/neuter/etc,         
      or are you part of a nonprofit that pays for the spay/neuter?  


      We are  a non-profit cat rescue.  We pay out of pocket and get

      most of our cost returned through adoption fees.

      16. Do you also keep your own records of each TNR,

      or do you leave that to your vet?


      We haven't used TNR yet.  We will keep our own records when we start.

      17.)  Where geographically are you located?  (nearest reasonable-
      sized city, state) 


      Near LaCrosse, WI.


      18.)  Are you in an urban, rural, or suburban environment? 




      19.)How long have you been involved in cat rescue?  How long with
      feral cats? 


      3 years.  If we get feral cats in we try and socialize and rehome

      them.  Dangerous cats are humanely euthanized.

      20.)  Are your family and/or friends supportive of your efforts?




      Do you have contact with other cat rescue/feral cat TNR people
      in your geographic area for mutual help and support.




      22.)  What do you do when a cat in your colon(y/ies) gets sick or


      Treat myself if possible, otherwise take to vet.


      23.)  Although it is very important to stay current with your

      tetanus vaccination, have you ever considered getting a

       “preventative” rabies vaccination?


      I'd like to when we have enough money.


      24.)  How many "pet cats" do you have (as opposed to your colony
      cats) are they a pure breed, pound kitty, stray, tamed feral. 

      In other words, what’s your kitties’ story?   


      8.  7 were surrendered to us and have special needs, 1 stray.


      25.)  Will you be attending one of the Alley Cat Allies TNR workshops,

      in Wisconsin , August or September 2005 ?


      Yes, in LaCrosse, WI on Aug. 30th.


      Marie Glover, Exec. Dir. & "Mayor"

      Tabby Town USA, Inc.

      Westby, WI




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