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Update! Don't Let Your FeralPower! Subscription Lapse

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  • Jessica Frohman
    Untitled Document Update: Don t Let Your Subscription Lapse Dear Supporter: Over the next week, Alley Cat Allies will launch our new website and a new design
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2008
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        Update: Don't Let Your Subscription Lapse

      Dear Supporter:

      Over the next week, Alley Cat Allies will launch our new website and a new design for FeralPower! E-alerts.

      We need your help.

      In order for you to continue to receive FeralPower! E-alerts, we need you to update your information.

      It's easy!

      Please click here, fill out the update form and press submit.

      We want to be able to continue to bring you breaking news so that you can take action to protect stray and feral cats.

      This will be your only opportunity to update your information so that you do not miss even one alert. It only takes a minute.

      Thank you for helping us protect stray and feral cats across the country.

      Alley Cat Allies

      P.S. Again, this will be your only chance to update your information. If we do not hear from you soon, you will have to sign up for FeralPower! on our new website to continue receiving alerts.


       Update your FeralPower! subscription.
      It only takes a minute.






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