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Madison Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

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  • sabrina ringquist
    See below email re: Shelter From The Storm s S/N clinic! Hello Everyone ~ Just wanted to give everyone an update on Shelter From The Storms’s spay/neuter
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2008

      See below email re: Shelter From The Storm's S/N clinic!
      Hello Everyone ~
      Just wanted to give everyone an update on Shelter From The Storms’s spay/neuter clinic. We are up and running - still unpacking but up and running!
      As of July first and we are now able to spay and neuter Dane County Feral cats for free. All you need is a Dane county address and a cat that needs to be spayed/neutered and live out doors. It can come in a trap or be friendly as long as it lives out doors. For trapped cats, I set aside 4-5 appointments every Tuesday and Thursday for these cats b/c I know people want them done ASAP.
      We are also able to spay and neuter community cats for free if the person lives in Dane County and is on any kind of medical assistance that they use a blue forward card.
      Please call me to make an appointment and please send people our way who are in need.
      There is no income requirement and you do not need to live in Dane County to get your animal spay/neutered with us,
      only to get it done for free.
      I am very excited to be making this happen - It has been a long time dream of mine to start a spay/neuter clinic and now I am doing it!
      People can email (
      wis_animalrescue@...) or call: 608-213-8864 to set up and appointment!
      Dog spay: $60
      Dog Neuter: $40
      Cat spay: $30
      Cat Neuter: $15
      Location is 1602 Blossom Lane (off of East Buckeye behind the PDQ). Days are Tues, Thursday and every other Sunday.
      For free community animals and feral cats I am automatically doing a rabies included in our grant money for any other rabies vaccination is $10
      You can cost post this email to anyone who might need our help!
      Allison Davies
      Executive Director/Founder
      "Shelter from the Storm is a Madison based nonprofi t, all breed dog and cat rescue that functions to reduce the euthanasia rate of
      healthy and adoptable animals in the nation’s overcrowded humane societies and shelters. Aid communities that do not have access to humane organizations. Educate the public on animal health care matters and animal overpopulation issues. Provide affordable veterinary care and training to all animals to enhance their quality of life. Ultimately, build and operate a full service, sliding scale veterinary hospital."

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