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Randolph, Iowa’s Bounty on Cats Out, Spay and Ne uter is In

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    Untitled Document Randolph, Iowa s Bounty on Cats Out, Spay and Neuter is in Dear Supporter: Ever since Mayor Vance Trively instituted a $5 bounty payment on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2008
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      Randolph, Iowa's Bounty on Cats Out, Spay and Neuter is in

      Dear Supporter:

      Ever since Mayor Vance Trively instituted a $5 bounty payment on catching and delivering live cats and dogs to the him to be killed, Alley Cat Allies has been working—with your help—to put a stop to the inhumane practice.

      Thanks to the more than 3,500 letters you sent and to the help of local supporters and the Iowa State Veterinarian, the Randolph , Iowa ’s City Council has overridden the mayor’s plan.

      Supporters and Feral Friends Network members Larry and Diane Shackman attended the council meeting on March 13 on Alley Cat Allies’ behalf and presented the city council and mayor with an offer to assist with launching a Trap-Neuter-Return program.

      Given the cease and desist request to the mayor from the state veterinarian, the city council voted to shut down the mayor’s operation and institute an effective, humane program. Alley Cat Allies will work with Randolph City to implement a Trap-Neuter-Return program including workshops which will help educate residents about feral cats.

      Alley Cat Allies thanks all of the advocates who helped make this campaign a rousing success. We are designing a program for Randolph , and will be sharing it with you and the Randolph City Council in the coming days.

      Alley Cat Allies


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