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  • tcleonard
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      From: tcleonard
      Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:18 PM
      Subject: Fw: [WisCats] WisCats Questionaire

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      From: tcleonard
      Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 2:52 PM
      Subject: Re: [WisCats] WisCats Questionaire

      Hi, these are my answers to your questionaire:I have been taking care of 2 cats for 3 yrs. None are spayed or neuter, and I have no experiencein trapping them. I had a total of 5, but, I have a neighbor that is trapping everything he can so I only have the original mama and a young stray. I feed the cats dry cat food all the time and when I see them I will give them moist, also. They always even in the winter have fresh water. I get my cat food at the store and yes,I pay full price for it. I have food out during the day at all times, I give them the moist food when  I see them which is usually about 4:00 PM and early in the AM. I do have a problem with the coons coming in at night so I bring the food in, but the water I leave out. I just change the water in the AM. Unfortunately I don't have a shelter for them, other than the building around, but that isn't sufficient but they must have a place nearby to seek. I have not and am not presently doing the spay and release. I am involved with our local humane association, but, unfortunately they arent for the release program as of yet. They euthanize lots of cats every month so the feral don't have a chance. Anything I do for the feral cats is done out  of my pocket. I live in Eau Claire, WI  I am in the city, but there are some abandoned railroad tracks right across my road so little traffic. I have been interested in the rescue of all animals for alot of yrs., but, the feral only 3 or 4 yrs. My husband supports me to a point and no I do not have a feral cat group I am associated with. Alot of my co-workers and some friends don't agree with me ,but that makes no difference to me. I rescue because I love all animals and I think they have a right to be on this earth. I haven't gotten a pre- rabies. I have 1 house cat a rescue. She is now 15yrs. old. We love her alot and her name is Skooter. She is all white, long hair and blue gray eyes. She is slowing down alot. Yes, I plan on attending your workshop here in Eau Claire. I attended the meeting here about the cat killing issue and was astounded how many people were for this. A gentleman next to me said he will keep doing what is has always done. When I asked him what that was he said the three s"s Shoot, shovel and shut up!!! That is what we are dealing with... See you in a week...
                                                                        Cheryl Leonard
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      Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 3:41 PM
      Subject: [WisCats] WisCats Questionaire



      Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire.  It is an

      easy way for the group to get to know each other, and your feline experiences. 

      Don’t feel obligated to answer all the questions, only the ones you choose.  

      Please answer as many as you can and send it back to the group.  This will help get conversation going as we get closer to ACA’s Trap-Neuter-Return Workshops.



      1.) How many feral/stray cats are you presently involved in caring for?

      (other than your own pet cats) 


      2.)  How long have you been caring for the colon(y/ies) you're now
      involved with? 

      3.) How many of them are spayed or neutered?  

      4.) How much experience do you have with TNR and using the humane traps?


      5.)  How many of the cats you're now caring for have been born in
      your colon(y/ies) since you've been feeding them? 


      6.)  What do you feed your colony cats, and do you also provide fresh water? 


       7.)  Where do you usually get your cat food?  Do you pay full price,
      or do you get a price break or donated cat food? 


       8.)  How often do you feed your colony cats? Approximately what time
      of day? 


      9.)  Do you have a problem with raccoons or other animals coming to
      eat the cats' food?  (Have you found any useful ways of dealing with
      this?  Please share!) 


      10.)  Do you provide any form of shelter for your colony cats?  If
      so, what?  (new & interesting ideas are always welcome)

      11.)  How many kittens (if any!) do you expect to be born in your
      colon(y/ies) this kitten season?


      12.)   How/where have you been getting the cats spay/neutered?
      (private vet, feral cat clinic, Humane Society program, etc.) 

      13.)  Is “Eartipping” an essential part of your TNR routine?

      14.)  How much have you typically been paying for spay/neuter

      & etc.?  What does the "etc." include (testing for leukemia & FIV,
      Rabies & FVRCP vaccination, leukemia vaccination, worming,

      flea treatment, ear mite treatment, eartipping, etc.) for the price?  


      15.)  Are you paying out of your own pocket for spay/neuter/etc,         
      or are you part of a nonprofit that pays for the spay/neuter?  

      16.)  Do you also keep your own records of each TNR,

      or do you leave that to your vet?

      17.)  Where geographically are you located?  (nearest reasonable-
      sized city, state) 


      18.)  Are you in an urban, rural, or suburban environment? 


      19.)How long have you been involved in cat rescue?  How long with
      feral cats? 


      20.)  Are your family and/or friends supportive of your efforts?


      21.)  Do you have contact with other cat rescue/feral cat TNR people
      in your geographic area for mutual help and support? 


      22.)  What do you do when a cat in your colon(y/ies) gets sick or


      23.)  Although it is very important to stay current with your

      tetanus vaccination, have you ever considered getting a

       “preventative” rabies vaccination?


      24.)  How many "pet cats" do you have (as opposed to your colony
      cats) are they a pure breed, pound kitty, stray, tamed feral. 

      In other words, what’s your kitties’ story?   


      25.)  Will you be attending one of the Alley Cat Allies TNR workshops,

      in Wisconsin , August or September 2005 ?




      For information about the DC Cat Assistance Team -visit www.dc-cat.org
      Jessica Frohman
      Community Outreach and Policy Coordinator
      Alley Cat Allies
      7920 Norfolk Ave., Suite 600
      Bethesda , MD20814-2525
      Fax: 240-482-1990


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