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[Fwd: trans for 3 corgis needed- rockford, IL to madison, WI 9/30, sunday]

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  • Pam Norman
    ... Subject: trans for 3 corgis needed- rockford, IL to madison, WI 9/30, sunday Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 21:28:16 EDT From: Goosky@aol.com To:
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      Subject: trans for 3 corgis needed- rockford, IL to madison, WI 9/30,
      Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 21:28:16 EDT
      From: Goosky@...
      To: Goosky@...

      permission to crosspost

      if anyone can help transport these 3 corgis tomorrow, sunday, 9/30,
      please contact bonnie immediately. the run was filled but a driver
      backed-out at the last minute. typically, the run sheets i send out are
      extensive & specific, so i apologize for the format- it's what was
      provided to me. each corgi needs to be crated separately, im unable to
      assist in driving.

      all dogs are going into rescue

      (remove spaces)
      horsepeanut@ comcast. net

      *1) Bob & Bonnie to meet Linda Berry near Lansing at 9am +/-*
      *2) Linda B to meet Stormy at 9:30 ish and continue to Marshall MI*
      *3) Linda C to meet Linda B for a hand off of 2 dogs in Marshall MI at
      10:00am ish*
      *4) Linda C to meet Linda Miller somewhere on the route to get her girl
      - time change here -*
      *5) Linda C to meet Peggy in Valparasio IN at around 11:30 am central time*
      *6) Peggy to meet Stephanie in Lisle IL approximately 2:00 pm central time*
      *7) Stepahanie to meet ???? in Rockford IL approx. 5 pm central time *
      *8) ??? to meet ??? around Madison WI approx 7pm*
      *9) ??? to meet ??? in ???? And continue to Athens/Wausau WI ending at
      approximatly 10 pm*
      *These are estimates as I don't know actual drive times. My person from
      Madison has just backed out so if you know anyone that can help
      transport these guys please let me know! Just as an FYI, they all need
      to be crated but crates will not be provided....*
      1* 8 month old female out of a shelter in IN that is spayed and UTD - has
      been in foster care in IN but needs to be moved to a foster home in WI that
      has room. This girl is described as *hyper*

      2* 2.9 year old male from a private home in Plymouth Mi (south west of
      Detroit) that is in a current foster home going to foster home with the
      above. My husband fractured 3 vertebrae in his back and I need to move the
      dog. He is large and goofy - likes to play run and catch me if you can. Has
      no manners to speak of although he is better now than he was..

      3* Male intact from the MI Free Cycle list. Grabbed him up to get him
      out of
      the gene pool and to get him in a safe home. He is with a fried who is
      not a
      foster home and this dog HAS to be moved to the foster home in WI. She is
      the only available foster home I have.
      *Bonnie Mitchener*
      *Lakeshore PWC Rescue*

      Deborah M Guske
      Rockford, IL
      Eskie Rescuers United
      American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc
      501c3 Non Profit Organization
      www.eskierescuers.org <http://www.eskierescuers.org/>

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      www.supersonny.net <http://www.supersonny.net/>

      "I am involved in dog rescue: my wallet and gas tank are always running
      on empty, my house is never quiet and free of dog hair, nor is my car,
      my inbox is full of ongoing despair and misery, but my heart and soul
      are replenished with unconditional love, loyalty, and joy that can only
      come from a rescued dog!" ~ Author Unknown

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