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Re: 12 year old cat is in URGENT need of a new home

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  • child of God
    GREAT NEWS REGARDING MY SISTERS 12 YR OLD CAT!!!!!!! Just wanted to give you all the very happy news. My nephew(my sisters son) is moving himself within the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 30, 2006
      Just wanted to give you all the very happy news. My nephew(my sisters son) is moving himself within the next few days, and he found a place that will allow him to keep his mom's(my sisters) cat.
      My sister and I want to say THANKYOU EVER SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS/and help with ALL of your crossposting trying to help us pass the message and looking for a permanent new home for her cat. THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!! Thanks again,Kitty in Milw

      On 9/28/06, child of God <kwuerl@...> wrote:
      NEW UPDATE: In market again NOW- cat definatly needs a new home ASAP-The sooner the better!!!!!!
      I was at my mom's house earlier, dropping off the Allerpet-C. My mom told me due to her SUPER-SEVERE allergies to cat dander, she doesn't want the cat that belongs to my sister living at her home at all. She also told me that if the cat should get outside, she won't bother to let him back indoors.
      This is getting EXTREMLY URGENT!!!! Anyone interested in adopting this VERY SWEET,PRECIOUS,LOVERBOY????.
      Call me on my cell-phone as I am at the library and my computer time is almost up for today. Don't know what time I will get back to the library tomorrow. Here is my cell-phone number: 414-213-7059. Keep this in your prayers, and hopefully will be talking to you VERY soon,Kitty

      On 9/21/06, child of God <kwuerl@... > wrote:
      My sister is in the process of moving. She has a 12 year old cat that is already neutered, up to date on his vaccinations,nor declawed, and is SUPER-FRIENDLY. For the past 2 months or so, my sister and I have been looking for a place to take him, all with no luck. This is really killing her, but the place she is moving into, won't allow her to keep her little lover boy.
      I am unable to finanically afford to take on another cat right now. I am also being watched like a hawk from the dept of neighborhood services, so even if I could afford to take another cat in, as much as they are watching me, I don't dare take that chance!!! Every cat rescue/shelter I know of, is full far beyond capacity, and thus is unable to take her cat in. She is afraid to take him to our local shelter -for fear due to his age,- they might send him to heaven way before Jesus is ready to accept him.
      Anyone who is trustworthy on these email lists or does anyone from these email lists possisibly know of anyone trustworthy willing to take in this precious little soul???? IF YES-CALL ME ASAP. Here is my number- 414-213-7059. If you call and get my voicemail, please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as I get your message. THIS IS REALLY GETTING URGENT. PLEASE CALL ME. My sister does not have an email address. I am also not online on a daily basis as I rely on using the library computers to read/respond to all of my emails.  Hope to hear from you real soon. Thanks much,Kitty from Milw

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