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  • Elspeth O Vanin
    Jun 8, 2014
      My cat, Serena, is missing.  From 9/30/13 to April 5, 2014, Lynette Weidner fostered my four cats.  I could not see my cats for 6 months because of Weidner hiding them out, refusing to tell me where they were. I got three of my cats back in April. Weidner claims Serena died, and will not provide proof of her death. She gave me and an attorney two conflicting stories of how she supposedly died. One of my cats that was returned contacted feline leukemia.  They had ear mites, ear infections, grossly overgrown nails, and they all lost weight. The vet bill is now around $900.00.

      Serena looks like the cat in this photo.  If you know anything about where she is or what happened to her, contact me. 

      I am looking for people who have had bad experiences with Lynette Weidner and the Cat Network shelter in West Allis (Milwaukee) Wisconsin.  If you had to remove a cat from this shelter, adopted a cat that had health problems not disclosed to you, or if you were unable to get a cat returned to you from LW and this shelter, contact me.

      Please share and repost this anouncement.  I need to find Serena.  I need to find out what happened to her.  There have been other similar incidents like this that have happened involving LW and her shelter.

      If you are looking for a shelter to take rescued cats, DO NOT take them to LW and this shelter.  I am not asking people to not adopt from this shelter. The cats at this shelter need to get out of there to a safe home.

      Elspeth O'Vanin
      Milwaukee, WI