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920Re: [WisCats] Someone is marking in the food bin

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  • Marsha
    Mar 23, 2013
      No snow to tell, or are there too many tracks?  Maybe if you can find some fresh powder snow nearby, spread some aound the dish, but if you still have some good snow, that option may go away soon for the season.  There are places on the internet that have animal feces (scat) identification as well as tracks - just do a Google search.  Though scat is probably harder to identify, but you could at least probably figure out the size of the animal and general type.  For sure there must be a new animal coming around, whether it is a cat or not.

      A few years ago when I lived in an apartment, I put Snuggle Safes under water dishes in the winter, and if the water froze up before I got back out there, a cat would pee on it to thaw it out.  Smart!  I have a plug-in water dish now, but this year have still had to shovel it out several times.  Once accidentally stepped in it because I hadn't been smart enough to place a marker so I could find it buried under the snow! 


      On 3/23/2013 8:03 AM, Stacy Zacher wrote:

      I made a feeding bin out of a storage container for three ferals this winter to keep out the neighborhood dogs. Now I'm finding that am animal is urinating on the food dishes and earlier this week someone pooped in the bin and on the empty food dish! Has anyone else encountered this behavior? I know both cats and dogs may mark dishes but I've been feeding them for a year and have never seen this before. It looked like mammalian feces vs. Avian. I pick up the dishes at night. I need a trail cam!


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