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896Re: need feedback on feral shelters

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  • Julie K.
    Dec 28, 2012
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      1) do not use blankets. Use straw (not hay). Use A LOT of straw. Fill it up, they'll mush it down and lay on it.

      2)I made rubbermaid ones. In theory you want an escape hatch but I find it looses too much heat to have 2 doors. Most online instructions call for just 1 door and my guys used them just fine with 1. Get sheets of insulation, cut walls, floor and ceiling to size to line the rubbermaid. Use a hairdryer to soften the plastic of the tub before cutting! it helps! Then line with straw. You can spraypaint it too if it needs camo.

      3) If you use a dog house, make sure to do 2 things. Drop the ceiling and make the door smaller. Do this with sheets of insulation. Basically build a hut within the dog house. They are too big for cats really. The cats heat cant heat up the house, so you want to make the ceiling lower with a sheet of insulation, and block the door with another sheet of insulation, then cut out a cat sized door. This will hold a lot more heat in! Line the walls too if you can, as many are not insulated to start with.

      --- In WisCats@yahoogroups.com, "stacy_zacher" <stacy_zacher@...> wrote:
      > Hi - does anyone have any experience with building a feral shelter/ I bought one from www.thekittytube.com for my 3 ferals I feed. I feed them on someone else's wooded lot so I don't have the liberty to heat it or put it wherever I want to locate it. I was wondering if you had any feedback on this shelter or the type you make yourself out of rubbermaid, boxes, styrofoam containers etc. I'll need to make another one because I don't think all 3 cats will fit in the one shelter and the two girls don't really hang around with the male cat. I'm crossing my fingers the skunks stay out of it, we have quite a few skunks in the area. The kitty tube comes lined with hay.
      > Thanks
      > Stacy
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