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800Re: [WisCats] Re: New to the group looking for a bit of information

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  • Pam Norman
    Jul 28, 2010
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      If you have offers for transport in order to get the cats TNR'd, I'd
      jump on it. And you mention "places" being "40 mins to hours away."
      Heck, 40 minutes or even a hour or so is nothing! Well worth it. I am in
      Spring Green & we participate in montly spayathons in Madison & in
      March, we had a woman bring 19 cats in from Prairie due Chien. It took
      her 2 hours to get to Madison with all those cats in crates in her car.
      The same woman subsequently brought 24 kittens to Madison for adoption.
      If the resource is there, get there by hook or by crook & if you've got
      transport help, that's terrific!

      Pam in Spring Green

      drgnflybelle wrote:
      > Thanks everyone for all the responses, I have had limited success in
      > posting on groups before so it is really wonderful that so many of you
      > took the time to respond to me.
      > I have been discussing TNR with my parents for awhile unfortunately
      > things had come up (layoffs, broken cars, family in hospital ect, you
      > know murphy's law) so TNR was still being researched but not on the
      > front burner. My mom is all for TNR my dad on the other hand doesn't
      > understand why he should pay to get cats spayed/neutered when they
      > aren't ours they were someone elses. I have had many long discussions
      > with him about it and done research about it so basically I think he
      > is going along with some of what I say just to stop my research from
      > coming at him.
      > And thank you so much for the offer of helping transport! That is
      > really very kind. We were sitting here trying to figure out how we
      > would get all those traps in the car. It isn't always easy for my dad
      > to accept help but I think we really do need it.
      > I have called and emailed listings that tell you which programs are in
      > your area, as well as individual rescues and I have checked the alley
      > cat website. Unfortunately we seem to be in an empty area, most places
      > are 40min to hours away. There really is almost nothing out here, we
      > do have a horse and dog only rescues nearby though. That does not
      > quite help the situation. We live right outside of Kiel I don't know
      > if any of you know where that is.
      > I had discussed maybe taking them out of state because some states
      > have cheaper programs but with the amount it would cost to transport
      > everyone out of state, well we basically would be spending the same
      > amount of money anyways.
      > I think I am just going into a little bit of a panic mode. We weren't
      > expecting all these cats to just show up. I really want to do TNR and
      > I am afraid if we wait to long we will have more cats here then we can
      > handle. I have been forbidden from bringing any more cats in the house
      > -.-. I have already adopted 4 :( one I sadly lost because she was on
      > medication that ultimately killed her liver :(. We changed vets
      > halfway through the treatment and our second vet is absolutely
      > wonderful and we will stick with from now on. All the kittens that I
      > have been able to socialize have found wonderful homes with people we
      > know and trust or with friends of people we know and trust.
      > Unfortunately we have reached the end of the list of people we know
      > who can have cats.
      > So again thank you all so much and if you think of anything else let
      > me know. Even if its just a way to get my dad more on board! I am just
      > trying not to get to anxious about it. I guess my other fear is that
      > the lady might start feeding the cats again up the road and they won't
      > be down here for me to trap them and then in a few months the problem
      > will start over again. She is a very sweet lady on the older side, and
      > I understand she is going through a lot at home. But something does
      > need to get done. So again THANK YOU ALL. I will keep you updated on
      > the situation.
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