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792Re: [WisCats] New to the group looking for a bit of information

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  • Pam Norman
    Jul 26, 2010
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      If she's in Manitowoc, I don't think she's going to qualify for Dane
      County discounts!

      Karen or Darren wrote:
      > There is Spay Me in Madison area (Sun Prairie now) that does low cost
      > Spay/Neuter for feral/outdoor/barn cats for $35 each and if you are a
      > Dane County Resident there is no charge. You can check out Spay Me's
      > info at http://www.spayme.com <http://www.spayme.com> and I think
      > there are a couple people on this list that work with TNR that might
      > offer transportation to Spay Me as well but not positive.
      > Hope this helps!
      > Karen
      > Kindred Kitties volunteer
      > A spay/neuter coordinator for West of I 94
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      > *Subject:* [WisCats] New to the group looking for a bit of information
      > Hi I am new to the group so I will just give you a quick back story so
      > you understand the situation then ask my questions. I live in
      > Manitowoc wisconsin. We moved to a farm 2 years ago, shortly after we
      > moved here some starving cats showed up. We found the original
      > caretaker, her husband had a stroke around the time we moved her plus
      > a family of raccoons moved into steal her cat food. So she had stopped
      > feeding them till the coons left, half the cats stayed here with us
      > the other half went back home after a couple of months. She has now
      > been diagnosed with cancer and has stopped feeding the cats again
      > because she can't financially, we jumped from about 10 cats to 30. She
      > does not mind if we do TNR.
      > I have found Cats anonymous in GreenBay, They can be flexible on their
      > price cause 30 cats X $50 a piece is out of our price range. That
      > tends to be the standard price for that here correct? However there is
      > a 4-5 month waiting list.
      > I was just curious if there are possibly more options that I have
      > missed in my research, and if there are any places I can get live
      > traps to lease/borrow/use/rent? Cats anonymous does have some we can
      > use but its $50 deposit for each one and it is over an hour away from
      > us, I would need the help of a family member to transport it all so
      > asking them to do that many trips with me might be stretching their
      > generosity. I think in total we would be going there and back...8 trips?
      > So I am open to suggestions thanks in advance.
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > http://www.InvisibleIllness.com <http://www.InvisibleIllness.com>
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