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790Re: [WisCats] New to the group looking for a bit of information

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  • Laycock Designs
    Jul 26, 2010
      hmmm.. maybe Kindred Kitties could help.
      Except we are in Kenosha (quite a ways from Manitowoc)

      Kindred Kitties spay-neuter coordinator is on this list. Her name is Karen Podella Reiman.
      Maybe she will respond.

      But we charge about the same. But I don't know if we have a waiting list. I don't think we have a waiting list.

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      On Jul 26, 2010, at 6:49 PM, drgnflybelle wrote:


      Hi I am new to the group so I will just give you a quick back story so you understand the situation then ask my questions. I live in Manitowoc wisconsin. We moved to a farm 2 years ago, shortly after we moved here some starving cats showed up. We found the original caretaker, her husband had a stroke around the time we moved her plus a family of raccoons moved into steal her cat food. So she had stopped feeding them till the coons left, half the cats stayed here with us the other half went back home after a couple of months. She has now been diagnosed with cancer and has stopped feeding the cats again because she can't financially, we jumped from about 10 cats to 30. She does not mind if we do TNR.
      I have found Cats anonymous in GreenBay, They can be flexible on their price cause 30 cats X $50 a piece is out of our price range. That tends to be the standard price for that here correct? However there is a 4-5 month waiting list.
      I was just curious if there are possibly more options that I have missed in my research, and if there are any places I can get live traps to lease/borrow/use/rent? Cats anonymous does have some we can use but its $50 deposit for each one and it is over an hour away from us, I would need the help of a family member to transport it all so asking them to do that many trips with me might be stretching their generosity. I think in total we would be going there and back...8 trips?
      So I am open to suggestions thanks in advance.

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