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77RE: [WisCats] Re: Info - Winter housing for cats

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  • Ted O'Donnell
    Nov 5, 2005

      She may feel it s a potential trap and just be grateful for the food.  Realistically, she’s a wild animal like any other – even if she may have a “tame side”.  I’m guessing the cozier it looked, the more skeptical she’d get.  How many exits are there?


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      i recentally built a cat house for a feral who has taken up residence on my deck.  i lined it with hay and covered it with blankets and towels on the outside.  i want to  caulk along the outsides to seal the drafty areas.  she should have a pretty nice place to call home.  now if anyone has any sugg on how to get her to use it let me know.  i tried food and she pulled it out and ate on the top of the house.  also several times i have caught her sleeping on top rather than in it.  my e mail is ebru1331 @....  look forward to your sugg.  thanks


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