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76Re: [WisCats] Re: Info - Winter housing for cats

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  • Paul T. O'Leary
    Nov 4, 2005
      Well, she'll use it when she needs it. If she's comfy outside the house, that's fine. Who knows, if it's really small and tight in there, it may get too hot for her. I wouldn't worry about minor draifts / air leaks. What counts is that it blocks the major wind, and is small enough that she warms the space with her own body heat.

      'Bout the only other thing that would deter her from using it would be another animal taking it over. Not sure what you can do about that.

      > From: Ebru1331@...
      > i recentally built a cat house for a feral who has taken up residence on my
      > deck. i lined it with hay and covered it with blankets and towels on the
      > outside. i want to caulk along the outsides to seal the drafty areas. she
      > should have a pretty nice place to call home. now if anyone has any sugg on how
      > to get her to use it let me know. i tried food and she pulled it out and
      > ate on the top of the house. also several times i have caught her sleeping on
      > top rather than in it. my e mail is ebru1331 @.... look forward to your
      > sugg. thanks

      Paul T. O'Leary
      Desktop Insurgent
      Madison, WI USA
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