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731Re: [WisCats] Re: Fw: Wisconsin bills, seizure bond will remove rights to animal ownership.

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  • Pam Norman
    Apr 5, 2010
      Thank you Kathy. VERY much! I will pass this on, if I may.

      (who has been to Best Friends 4 times & I think lived there in another

      Kathy Pobloskie wrote:
      > Please read the bill and think about the knee jerk reaction and the
      > parananoia that the original author of this message was trying to
      > generate.
      > The intent of this bill is to protect humane societies that are put
      > under serious financial hardship when they are forced to seize and
      > hold animals for a criminal case. As in cases like the Thyme & Sage
      > Ranch situation - where some of the animals have to be held for almost
      > a year as evidence before the trial can take place. This can bankrupt
      > a small shelter and seriously deplete the resources of a large one.
      > We are trying to get stronger laws in Wisconsin to protect companion
      > animals - please get involved and make sure you understand all sides
      > of the issues. Then decide whether it is a good or bad thing.
      > When it looks like the animal welfare community is "fractured" and
      > can't support a bill that is presented - then the legislators are
      > unwilling to support it either. That is why it took 10 years to pass a
      > puppy mill bill in Wisconsin.
      > Kathy Pobloskie
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